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Main accused in BMW hit and run case, Mihir Shah, arrested. Family members also in custody



Marksmen Daily (37)

Mihir Shah, the main accused in the Worli hit-and-run case, was arrested on Tuesday, police sources confirmed. Shah’s mother and two sisters have also been taken into custody, with police suspecting that they assisted Shah in evading arrest. Shah is the son of politician Rajesh Shah, a member of Maharashtra Chief Minister’s team.

Authorities are now deliberating whether Shah’s mother and sisters, arrested in Shahpur, will be listed as accused in the case. Multiple police teams were deployed to locate Mihir Shah, who was eventually tracked down to an apartment in Virar, approximately 65 kilometer’s from Mumbai. He is currently being transported to the Worli Police Station.

Mihir Shah allegedly drove a BMW that struck a two-wheeler at 5:30 AM on Sunday, killing Kaveri Nakhwa, 45, and injuring her husband, Pradip. The incident occurred after Shah spent Rs 18,730 at the Vice Global Tapas Bar in Juhu, where he partied for hours with four friends.

In connection with the case, the Maharashtra Excise Department sealed the Vice Global Tapas Bar in Juhu. The bar was sealed following a two-day investigation that uncovered multiple rule violations.