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Good news for homebuyers: MahaRERA mandates complaint redressal cells for all projects



Marksmen Daily (12)

The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) is set to enhance homebuyer protection by establishing Complaint Redressal Cells for all real estate projects. This initiative follows an earlier directive from August last year, requiring developers to create these cells for their respective projects.

After reviewing compliance, MahaRERA found that only 195 projects across Maharashtra had set up and posted details of their Complaint Redressal Cells. To ensure full compliance, MahaRERA is now enforcing the establishment of these cells for all projects.

Currently, during the home buying process, developers provide information through various channels, but many projects lack a designated contact for resolving post-sale complaints. This gap can lead to difficulties and misunderstandings for homebuyers, affecting project timelines and overall satisfaction.

To address this issue, MahaRERA has mandated that each project must have at least one Complaint Redressal Officer. This officer’s name and contact details should be prominently displayed at the project site and on the project’s website. The dedicated Complaint Redressal Cells will ensure homebuyers receive timely and credible information. Additionally, displaying the number of complaints received and resolved will boost project credibility. This initiative aims to provide homebuyers with the confidence that their investments are secure, and their grievances will be promptly addressed, thereby enhancing the real estate sector’s reputation.

MahaRERA Chairman Shri Ajoy Mehta emphasized the importance of trust in the service sector for business growth. He stated, “The establishment of trust in the service sector is necessary for the growth of business. So far, the construction sector has only been recognized as a product sector. Now it has started to grow as a service sector. In such a case, it is the need of the hour to have a grievance redressal mechanism in place.”


Bhavik Bhandari, CSMO, Ashwin Sheth Group, “Establishing Complaint Redressal Cells for every project significantly benefits both homebuyers and realtors. When realtors strictly adhere to all norms, it creates a healthier market environment and fosters trust. This trust is the cornerstone of strong relationships and facilitates smoother project sales. For many, owning a property is a lifelong aspiration, making the avoidance of legal issues crucial. MahaRERA’s directive is a remarkable step towards fostering a strong interaction between developers and homeowners. Implementing an effective grievance redressal mechanism is a critical move to bolster the sector’s credibility and reliability.”


Chintan Vasani, Founder and Managing Partner of Wisebiz Realty said, “It is crucial to have seamless communication channels in place for resolving any post-purchase issues. Many homebuyers experience challenges in addressing complaints efficiently due to a lack of project-specific mechanisms. This can result in prolonged misunderstandings and grievances, impacting the project’s timeline. Ensuring effective communication avenues for addressing concerns post-purchase is key to fostering positive homeowner experiences and timely conflict resolution. Let’s work towards enhancing communication processes in the real estate sector to create smoother transactions and happier homeowners.”


Advocate Dhruv Raicha, Partner at Shreeji Construction said, “A proactive step has been taken by MahaRERA towards enhancing customer satisfaction and protecting their rights. MahaRERA has called upon real estate developers to establish dedicated grievance redressal cells within their organizations. This is a major helpful step for both buyers and developers. For buyers, if any dispute arises or they face any difficulties after the sale, there is a specific authority set up to address their queries. This initiative will significantly improve the post-purchase experience for homebuyers.”


Mayank Seth, Co-founder of One Click Realtors said, “MahaRERA’s directive to establish mandatory grievance redressal cells in all real estate projects is set to significantly uplift the real estate landscape. For homebuyers, this move guarantees a structured mechanism to address and resolve their concerns swiftly, leading to heightened trust and satisfaction. Knowing that there is a dedicated cell to handle issues reduces the stress associated with property transactions and post-purchase problems.

For investors, the regulation brings an added layer of transparency and accountability. Developers are now compelled to maintain higher standards, ensuring that grievances are addressed promptly. This reduces the risks associated with real estate investments and makes the market more appealing to both domestic and international investors.

On a broader scale, the real estate industry benefits immensely from this regulation. It fosters a culture of accountability and customer-centric practices, which can lead to a more stable and trustworthy market. Enhanced consumer confidence means more activity in the market, driving growth and attracting new players. Moreover, the regulatory oversight ensures that developers adhere to fair practices, improving the industry’s overall reputation. This move by MahaRERA not only protects consumer rights but also paves the way for a more robust and dynamic real estate sector in Maharashtra.”