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Celebrate Father’s Day with these 6 iconic on-screen dads 



Celebrate Father’s Day with these 6 iconic on-screen dads

Fathers in cinema and television have been depicted in varied ways, from the eccentric inventor who accidentally shrinks or enlarges his kids to the everyday dad whose actions resonate deeply with our own experiences. These portrayals have made us laugh, cry, and reflect on the special bond we share with our own fathers.  

Slice-of-life cinema and television thrive on relatable characters, offering glimpses into our lives and making these stories more heartwarming. As we celebrate Father’s Day, let’s remember some of the most memorable on-screen dads. 

Bareilly Ki Barfi 


The bond between Bitti and her father in “Bareilly Ki Barfi” is extraordinarily heartwarming. He’s not the typical, overbearing Bollywood father who controls his daughter’s choices. Instead, he understands her, supports her, and when necessary, offers gentle guidance—all while sharing a clandestine smoke away from the mother’s watchful eyes. Pankaj Tripathi’s performance brings a delightful authenticity to this character, making their relationship all the more endearing. 

Phil Dunphy 


Phil Dunphy from “Modern Family” famously declared, “I’m a cool dad, you know. That’s my thang.” With that, he instantly won our hearts. Phil epitomizes the best friend every child wishes their dad could be. His humorous “Phil-osophy” is a playful guide to life. From memorizing dance routines from “High School Musical” to being a constant, supportive presence, Phil is the quintessential “hip dad” who always shows up when it counts. 

The Pursuit of Happyness 


In “The Pursuit of Happyness,” Will Smith delivers an unforgettable portrayal of a father facing immense challenges. Evicted from his home and struggling through an unpaid internship, he fights to provide for his five-year-old son. Amidst these hardships, his determination not to succumb to despair makes him one of the most admirable fathers depicted on screen. 

Schitt’s Creek 


For fans of “Schitt’s Creek”, Johnny Rose stands out as the calm and resilient patriarch of the Rose family. His understated humor and often futile attempts to teach his spoiled children basic life skills are both endearing and relatable. Johnny’s struggle to master the internet and social media hits close to home for many of us. Eugene Levy’s real-life father-son chemistry with Daniel Levy (David Rose) adds an extra layer of authenticity to their on-screen relationship. 

Gilmore Girls  


In “Gilmore Girls”, Luke Danes, the local diner owner, serves as a steadfast father figure. Despite his personal struggles, he becomes a stable presence for many characters. Discovering he has a daughter, April, and becoming a devoted stepfather to Rory, Luke also acts as a guiding figure for his nephew, Jess. His dry humor and sarcastic nature may create an initial barrier, but Luke’s commitment to building strong relationships, especially with Lorelai, showcases his deep capacity for care. 

Angrezi Medium 


In his final film appearance, Irrfan Khan tugs at our heartstrings with his portrayal of Champak Bansal in “Angrezi Medium”. As a widowed father from a small town, Champak is determined to fulfill his daughter’s dream of studying abroad. His journey encapsulates the love, attachment, and bittersweet emotions of a father watching his daughter grow up and become independent.