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6 queer movies & series to binge watch this Pride month 



6 queer movies & series to binge watch this Pride month

Pride Month, celebrated since 1970, has evolved into a time to honor the LGBTQ+ community’s vibrant diversity. Officially recognized in the U.S. in 1999 by President Bill Clinton, June has become synonymous with celebrating all identities within the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Beyond parades and festivals, Pride is also about storytelling sharing new narratives from the community. Here are six movies and series that entertain and educate, perfect for your Pride Month viewing. 


Sex Education (Netflix) 

“Sex Education” has already proven to be a groundbreaking series about adolescent sexuality and the trials of growing up. With its second season, it cements its place in history for its nuanced portrayal of queer teens. The show tackles issues with refreshing honesty and sensitivity, making it a must-watch for understanding the diverse experiences of queer youth. 


Schitt’s Creek (Netflix) 

This beloved Netflix show follows the affluent Rose family, who, after losing their fortune, relocate to a small-town motel. Amidst the comedy, it’s the romantic relationship between David (a pansexual man) and Patrick (who is gay) that shines. Their love story has resonated deeply with fans, and the series’ sweeping success, including nine Emmy awards, underscores its impact and charm. 


Red, White & Royal Blue (Amazon Prime) 

Adapted from the popular book, “Red, White & Royal Blue” is a captivating film that tells the story of Alex, the son of the U.S. President, and Prince Henry of Britain. Their feud threatens international relations, but a forced PR friendship soon blossoms into something more profound. The film’s portrayal of their evolving relationship won it the Queer Fan Favorite award at the 2024 GLAAD Media Awards, highlighting its appeal.  


Big Shot (Disney+) 

“Big Shot,” featuring John Stamos as a fiery basketball coach, has received acclaim for its engaging storyline and diverse cast. The series focuses on a former university basketball coach who moves to California to coach a girls’ high school team. Notable for its thoughtful approach to LGBTQ+ representation, this Disney+ series blends drama, comedy, and sports, offering something for everyone while addressing important themes of acceptance and identity. 


Everything Everywhere All at Once (SonyLiv) 

If you haven’t yet experienced the cinematic marvel that is “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” starring Michelle Yeoh and Stephanie Hsu, Pride Month is the perfect occasion. This mind-bending blockbuster tells the story of a multiverse-hopping mother-daughter duo and explores the consequences of not accepting one’s gay child. The film is a beautiful parable about family, love, and the breathtaking beauty found in everyday life. 


Single All the Way (Netflix) 

Though traditionally a holiday film, “Single All the Way” is a delightful addition to your Pride Month lineup. The movie centers on Peter, who persuades his best friend Nick to pose as his boyfriend to avoid family judgment. Things take an unexpected turn when Peter’s mother sets him up on a blind date. This heartwarming queer Christmas movie is perfect for any time of the year, showcasing the charm and complexities of LGBTQ+ relationships. 

This Pride Month, dive into these stories that celebrate love, identity, and the beautiful spectrum of human experiences. Whether you’re looking for laughs, heartfelt moments, or thought-provoking narratives, these movies and series offer a perfect blend of entertainment and education.