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Springer Nature’s New state-of-the-art, Sustainable Office Inaugurated in Pune





Springer Nature, a Germany-headquartered global research publisher, inaugurated its largest office in India on Thursday, 1 June 2023. The office comprises 2 floors of the 7 lakh sq.ft. commercial building at Gera Commerzone, Kharadi in Pune. The inauguration ceremony was jointly presided over by Springer Nature Group’s COO Marc Spenl and Matthias Wissel, CEO of Springer Nature Technology and Publishing Solutions in Pune. The event was conducted in the presence of 1400+ employees of the company’s Pune office.

Springer Nature Group COO Marc Spenle and Springer Nature Technology and Publishing Solutions CEO Matthias Wissel unveiling the company’s new office in Pune at the inauguration event on 1 June 2023

Aligning with Springer Nature’s purpose-driven approach of sustainability and inclusivity, the office has been designed to cater to the changing needs of employees post the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has always prioritised the well-being of its employees and with their new office, they hope to create a more inclusive and collaborative environment for all.

Their new office has a modern minimalistic design aimed to make employees comfortable and foster better collaborations between local and global teams. Some of the key features include:

A modern biophilic design which complies with the company’s sustainability and DEI objectives

A mix of linear and agile workstations offering employees the flexibility to choose their comfort while working from the office

Large collaboration areas to foster creativity and team bonding

Open terraces and lounge areas to be used for breaks and for team celebrations

Podium level water bodies and sand pits to destress, or to be used for deep working

Speaking at the inauguration event, Springer Nature Group’s Chief Operating Officer Marc Spenl comments, “People are our biggest asset at Springer Nature and I am so happy to see that our new office in Pune has been built keeping our colleagues and their needs before everything else. It is a vibrant and colourful space offering enough room and change of scene across the different areas allowing everyone to collaborate, conduct meetings, both in-person and virtually, and feel refreshed and creative. I am certain that our new home will help foster innovation, collaboration and a deeper sense of purpose that drives us as a company.”

Echoing Marc’s thoughts, Matthias Wissel, Chief Executive Officer of Springer Nature Technology and Publishing Solutions comments, “Springer Nature is a progressive publisher committed to accelerating solutions to the world’s most complex challenges. As home to almost 10,000 employees globally, we are committed to making a positive change in our own workplace and the communities we work with. Our foremost responsibility is towards our employees and we have ensured that our new office in Pune, which is home to almost 1500 people, is a space that’s inviting, inclusive and collaborative. We want our colleagues to come to the office each day and feel energised, curious and creative. I am proud to say that we have tried to make sure that our colleagues find all they need in the office to foster a culture where we can all thrive together.”

Other guests who joined the inauguration event include Mr Sanjay Bajaj, Senior Managing Director, JLL Pune, Mr. Vinod Rohira, CEO, Mindspace Business Park, REIT and Mr Ashok Kularia, MD, ANJ Group.

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