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King’s College, Based in UK, Announces Entry into Indian Market in Collaboration with Global Education Venture





Global Educational Venture (GEV), a leading educational company based in Dubai, has joined forces with Kings College based in the UK to provide a world- class British education to learners worldwide. With a shared vision of nurturing confident leaders in a rapidly-changing world, this partnership aims to establish high-quality British schools in regions including India, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, and Nepal. The collaboration also envisions expanding to new regions in the future under the prestigious name of Kings College.

Kings College based in UK​

These schools will offer life-changing opportunities for young people to benefit from Kings Colleges holistic approach to education. Combining world-class teaching with exceptional academic results in various disciplines such as science, commerce, humanities, liberal arts, the upcoming schools will empower students to become great thinkers, creative problem solvers, artists, musicians, sportsmen and sportswomen, entrepreneurs, and future leaders.

As part of the agreement, GEV has been granted exclusive rights to establish and develop Kings College schools across all these regions. Drawing upon their vast international schools expertise, GEVs team comprises experienced entrepreneurs, administrators, partners, and investors, all dedicated to delivering a quality education that enables students to achieve their goals and secure admission to the best universities worldwide. Moreover, GEVs top investors and partners plan to invest approximately USD 750,000,000 in the coming years to develop world-class schools adhering to the highest educational standards.

The company is providing an opportunity to the investors to collaborate and establish schools of King’s College in their respective regions, catering to learners aged 3-18 years and covering K-12 education (Kindergarten to Grade-12th). The schools will preferably offer the Cambridge curriculum leading to IGCSE and A Levels or the IB diploma.

Linda Nash, Chair of Governors at Kings College, based in the UK, said, “Our schools will encourage and develop a global perspective, and instil key skills of critical and creative thinking and problem solving, along with a respect for core values of honesty, loyalty, perseverance and compassion.”“This partnership provides an exciting opportunity to establish world-class schools, with state- of-the-art facilities and the world-renowned British approach to education in all these regions,she added.

Linda Nash, Chair of Governors at Kings College, UK and Richard Biggs, CEO of Global Education Ventures

King’s College has been at the forefront of delivering quality education for over 140 years. Counted among the best educational institutions across the world, King’s College boasts a rich history of delivering a first-rate British education to generations of young people. Having nurtured some of the best minds in the world, it proudly boasts an impressive alumni network in a wide range of fields such as the arts, academics, business, sports, politics, and entertainment.

Richard Biggs, CEO of Global Education Ventures, said, “I believe that schools like King’s College offer an approach to education that is of immense value to children everywhere. It is an approach that looks to develop fully rounded, thoughtful, creative, and confident human beings. I am elated to be leading GEV into the new and exciting project of establishing world-class schools in India along with many other countries.”

“Working with partners and investors who share similar values, GEV aims to establish world-class schools which will blend high-quality British educational provision with the values and vibrancy of their own countries. I am looking forward to the exciting years that lie ahead for both King’s College and GEV’s every success in this new adventure,” he added.

GEV aims to prepare learners worldwide to become confident leaders in a rapidly-changing world. The company is committed to facilitating smooth and effective communication with Kings College. The schools will also benefit from the support of the core team at GEV, who offer a wide range of international educational expertise. The vision of GEV is to work with King’s College to establish world-class schools which will blend with high-quality British education provisions while retaining the cultural values and vibrancy of their own country.

To highlight this opportunity for collaboration and expansion, it is worth emphasizing that the British education system has gained a worldwide reputation for its high standards. Extensive research has consistently shown the exceptional quality of education in the UK, making it a favoured choice globally. In response to the growing demand for a British-style international education, GEV presents a compelling solution for schools and investors to come together and collaborate with GEV in establishing Kings College schools in prominent cities and towns across India, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, and Nepal. Furthermore, plans are underway to include new regions in the near future, opening up additional avenues for collaboration and growth.

About King’s College

King’s College is a pioneer in delivering qualitative British education for over 140 years. King’s College’s roots can be traced back over 600 years to the 16th century. It was named after King Alfred, King of England in the 9th Century, whose vision was to provide high quality education to all.

Counted amongst the best institutions across the world, King’s College boasts of a rich history of British Education. King’s College has nurtured some of the best minds in the world and it proudly boasts of the most renowned alumni network in various niches such as Arts, Business, Sports, Politics, Entertainment, etc. Kings College seeks to empower students to challenge themselves intellectually to learn, to grow, to develop in them lifelong love for learning, and encourage them to embrace the rich and diverse co-curricular programme, stepping out of their comfort zones to become more robust, fulfilled and content versions of themselves.

About Global Education Ventures

Global Educational Venture, UAE is a Dubai-based educational company that has a strong portfolio of educationists and entrepreneurs who are some of the most honoured members in their field. The founder chairman of the company has visited 72 countries and identified the pros and cons of the educational systems of all those countries while visiting a number of schools in every country. Around 31 schools and universities were made partners in the process of student exchange, staff exchange, and the sharing of the best practices. Some of the most renowned educationists were made the advisors and governors in this venture and top industrialists and entrepreneurs and school owners were made the investors and partners.

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