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Deciphering the great supply chain reset



the Supply Chain and Logistics Conclave 2023

With disruptions ever-present, the Supply Chain and Logistics Conclave 2023 highlighted key supply chain trends that offer a competitive advantage

Historically, supply chains had a single-minded focus, finely honed to be linear, efficient, and low-cost, even if they had limited resilience to external shocks. The disruptions of recent years, such as geopolitical conflicts, ESG pressures, a looming recessionary environment, and climate change, have turned convention on its head. Today, the supply chain is being re-oriented to guard against these challenges, and ensure increased agility, better talent management, and a green energy transition.

The question then arises; while the promised land can be seen off in the distance, how are we to get there?  

Transformative thinking

Delivering on change of this scale requires concerted thinking, and a sense of progressiveness to usher in an era of transformation. With this in mind, the 2nd edition of the Supply Chain and Logistics Conclave 2023 organised by Team Marksmen brought together industry leaders and senior decision makers to deliberate on factors that impact our understanding of the supply chain, right from strategy, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, storage and transportation, innovations, and much more. 

This industry-centric knowledge platform saw a diverse cross-section of industry doyens offer their thoughts, such as: 

Offering his thoughts on the sidelines, Sharad Gupta, Co-Founder, Team Marksmen Network, said, “Legacy supply chains are too long-tailed and opaque, with little resilience, leaving them vulnerable in the face of disruptions that have emerged or yet to come to the fore. The global supply chain order is now increasingly inundated with these fractures, making it vital to embed a greater degree of resilience, sustainability, and value across the spectrum. The Supply Chain and Logistics Conclave 2023 brought together leading minds from across industries to paint a picture of the way forward for all, highlighting best practices and new ways to create value for all stakeholders while managing the multiple pressures besetting industries.”

Supply chain leaders must reset and rebalance their priorities in this new normal to create a platform for long-term, sustained success. By bringing to the fore the critical capabilities and innovations needed to do so, the Supply Chain and Logistics Conclave 2023 offered a concrete roadmaps for growth that will help drive the agenda for industry and nation-building alike.

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