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Cytiva: Global Leaders Of Biopharma & Therapeutics 




Cytiva’s Trust quotient 

The biopharma industry is at the forefront of providing new solutions and accelerating the development of novel therapies that have the potential to transform human health.

Cytiva is a global provider of technologies and services that advance and accelerate the development of therapeutics. Cytiva supports customers at every stage of biomanufacturing, from clinical trials to commercial manufacture. They provide start-to-finish biologics manufacturing solutions; They standardize and industrialize new technologies that increase customers’ speed-to-market. Basically, they supply the tools and services — the pots, pans, soups and sauces – that help their customers do their work better, faster, and safer.

With over 100,000 systems in use globally and 75% of FDA-approved biotherapeutics manufactured using their technologies, their leading brands are helping customers advance and accelerate therapeutics. Over 90% of the top selling biologics are manufactured using Cytiva products. Cytiva also partners with leading global academic institutions, such as Harvard and MIT, to help accelerate the journey from lab discovery to workable therapy. So far, at least 9 Nobel laureates have used Cytiva products in their search for scientific knowledge.

The industry must be flexible and adapt to the constantly shifting world. They cannot be complacent. The advent of COVID-19, which transformed the focus of the industry in a matter of months, is a stark example of rapid and far-reaching change.

Their response to COVID-19 began early because they have manufacturing operations in China. Their first priority was the safety of associates, the second was to ensure they could continue to supply their products. Cytiva was able to rapidly respond to customers’ needs for instruments, services, process advice and more, while also ensuring the welfare and safety of its 7,000+ globally.

Cytiva has developed the Fast Trak Education and Training program, which is available via six training centers globally including the one in Bangalore, India. Through such facilities, Cytiva has partnered with regional clusters to create tailored education and training experiences, including the Testa Center, Sweden, the Guangzhou Bioprocess Academy, China and the Single-Use Training Academy with National Institute of Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) in Dublin, Ireland. 

Cytiva supports small and mid-sized companies with bespoke contract manufacturing and biomanufacturing services, including process development, in these six Fast Trak sites globally. Cytiva’s CDMO services are ideal for companies requiring support from pre-clinical to Phase II studies. Customers utilizing Cytiva’s Fast Trak services can maintain control over intellectual property and can place ‘people in plant’ to fully understand processes. Cytiva’s Fast Trak services team has been accelerating customer projects for more than 17 years.

By joining forces with Danaher in 2020, a company known for fueling innovation, Cytiva continues to develop more complete solutions for their customers, bringing new tools and products to the market faster.

Did you know 

  • 50+ million people have been PCR tested for COVID-19 using Cytiva’s components or services.
  • Over 100,000 systems are used globally and 75% of FDA-approved biotherapeutics manufactured are using Cytiva technologies.
  • Over 90% of the top selling biologics are manufactured using Cytiva products.
  • At least 9 Nobel laureates have used Cytiva products in their search for scientific knowledge.

From the General Manager’s desk 

“Cytiva is proud to have more than 30 years journey with India, while boasting an R&D center that was founded in 2008, and now holds 100+ scientists and 110 patents. I am particularly grateful for the Economic Times in recognizing Cytiva as a brand that has a strong commitment to the India bio market. Cytiva will continue to better serve their customers and patients while contributing to encourage entrepreneurship in the industry to meet the needs of 1.3 billion population.”

– Raghavendra Goud, General Manager for India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal