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Is it prudent to compare vaccines?




Is there any other better option than getting vaccinated and if you don’t have these answers then you might have some more questions, like:

With an array of vaccines on the market, the inevitable question raises its head? Which vaccine is the best of the lot?

Mind you, the question isn’t whether you should take a vaccine jab. That is beyond question (and if you’re questioning science, how have you got so far in life?). Some say that a vaccinated person can still be affected, which is why they won’t get jabbed. That’s true, but that’s not the purpose of vaccines that we are talking about. The vaccines on the market right now will only increase the immunity system of a particular person, so that if he or she is affected by Corona, they will recover faster than a non-vaccinated person.

Now, let’s talk about the efficacy rate of these particular vaccines. 

What is a vaccine’s efficacy rate? 

Usually stated as a single number, vaccine efficacy is an expression of the number of people who got sick in the vaccinated group compared to those who got sick in a placebo group. But there are so many unanswered questions; How did they test who got sick? What kind of people were represented in each group? What variant of COVID-19 came under the scanner?

Throw all these statistical and data uncertainties into the mix, and you can’t really compare efficacy numbers directly. Unless comparably measured in a controlled environment, you simply cannot pit one trial result against another. It’s not the Royal Rumble.

Simply put, medical authorities mutually agreed that if any vaccine is available, you should get vaccinated ASAP. This has to be the priority of everyone who has not been vaccinated yet.

There are many vaccines in the market from which some have been authorized and approved by the government. For example, in India Covaxin and Covishield are being regulated the most. They both are very effective and people shouldn’t be biased about which one to get. Some people are waiting for vaccines like Sputnik and Pfizer, and to do so is folly.

Don’t waste your time comparing the vaccines or waiting for some international ones. Just get vaccinated ASAP and get past this phase of corona forever.

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