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Building brands that stand the test of time



Building brands that stand the test of time

In the age of the connected, global economy, conventional brand notions are often thrown out of the window, and brand loyalty is a fleeting, elusive bird that everyone chases, but few manage to capture. Much has been written about this new age of branding, and the new rulebook that needs to be followed to succeed, but many are still stuck in the old ways, refusing to heed the lessons of today.

There are challenges to be fought on multiple fronts, ranging from the rise of Generative AI to the democratization of brand-building, rise of influencers, growing purchase power of India’s hinterland, and much more.

With new demands thrust upon brands by a new breed of savvy, worldly-wise, and discerning consumers, it is now a case of having to adapt to stay relevant in a world of atypical trends. It’s not just buying behaviours, but entire value systems and worldviews that are changing. No longer is it enough for a product or service to satisfy a narrow need. Progressive thinking is now the norm, with a sense of elevated purpose and demands bundled along with it.

Balancing these many demands is a challenging act, but a few brands are doing so admirably, after having finely honed their understanding of who today’s consumers are, what they desire most, and how to best shepherd them into their fold. These are the coterie of brands that were held aloft as shining exemplars of excellence at the third edition of Team Marksmen’s Brand of the Year 2024.

This unique industry-led initiative was powered by research conducted by LeadCap Ventures, with brands evaluated on the following parameters:

  • Personalized Customer Experiences
  • ⁠Authenticity and Purpose
  • ⁠Brand Storytelling
  • ⁠Customer Engagement
  • ⁠Leveraging AI⁠
  • Uniqueness and Innovation

The galaxy of brands represented in this unique cohort came from across industries, who have built their brand proposition in keeping the demands of today, with an eye on tomorrow, and a deep-rooted respect for the journey that has brought them to this point in time. Those recognized as Brand of the Year 2024 in a gala ceremony include:

Speaking at the event, Akash Tiwari, Co-founder, Team Marksmen Network had this to say. “In today’s digital landscape, brand-building is no longer a one-way broadcast, but an ongoing dialogue with consumers. We must craft our brand narrative not just through traditional channels, but across a myriad of digital touchpoints where our audience lives and breathes. This requires agility, authenticity, and a deep understanding of our customers’ evolving needs and behaviors. It’s about creating meaningful connections that transcend transactions.

Ultimately, successful brand-building in the digital age means becoming an integral part of our customers’ lives, adding value at every interaction, and continuously adapting to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. Those recognized as Brand of the Year 2024 live this truth, and we hope their achievements inspire others to reach similar heights.”

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