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Madhya Pradesh unveils intra-state air taxi service, slashing Bhopal-Indore travel time to 55 Minutes



Marksmen Daily (6)

Madhya Pradesh has launched its much-anticipated intra-state air taxi service, named ‘PM Shri Payatan Vayu Seva’. This new air service significantly reduces travel time between Bhopal and Indore to just 55 minutes, compared to the nearly 4-hour road journey.

The launch marks a significant milestone in enhancing the state’s transportation infrastructure. Connecting major cities like Bhopal and Indore by air not only slashes travel time but also boosts local economies and tourism prospects.

The convenience of this air service is a game-changer for commuters, particularly those with time-sensitive commitments. With a swift flight duration under an hour, the air taxi service ensures seamless connectivity and efficient transit.

This initiative is expected to positively impact various sectors, including tourism, trade, and commerce, by introducing new opportunities for business expansion and investment. It also facilitates easier access to essential services like healthcare and education across Madhya Pradesh.

Chief Minister Mohan Yadav flagged off the inaugural flight, which travelled from Bhopal to Jabalpur. During the event, he personally distributed boarding passes and inaugurated a dedicated ticket-booking counter for offline bookings.

Currently, the aircraft can accommodate six passengers, but plans are in place to introduce larger 11-seater and 20-seater aircraft as the service gains popularity and receives positive feedback, further enhancing connectivity and accessibility within the state.