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Ambani’s pre-wedding celebration stirs anger among Portofino locals 



Ambani’s pre-wedding celebration stirs anger among Portofino locals

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s recent pre-wedding celebration in Italy has stirred significant buzz, both online and in the picturesque town of Portofino. The extravagant event, which saw many Bollywood and sports stars in attendance, made headlines for an unprecedented reason, the complete rental of Portofino Bay, blocking access to all tourist attractions and disrupting the lives of locals and visitors alike. 

Social media platforms were abuzz with images and videos of the high-profile celebration, showcasing the grandeur that the Ambani family is known for. The event drew a constellation of celebrities, creating an aura of glamor and opulence. However, it was not just the lavishness of the event that caught people’s attention. 

For the first time in history, Portofino Bay was entirely closed to the public, a move that left many stunned and upset. Local residents and tourists found themselves shut out from the area’s main attractions, unable to enjoy the renowned beauty of the bay. This led to a wave of criticism on social media, with many expressing their displeasure. 

An Italian user on X voiced a common sentiment, “Many other celebrities and billionaires have celebrated in Portofino, none of them have ever removed access to the main point for others.” Another user echoed this frustration, by saying the same but in different perspective, “Who do they think they are? They can’t just come in and throw their party and make it difficult for people to do their daily chores.” 

The disappointment extended to those whose livelihoods depend on tourism. “As a local tour guide in Portofino, it is disheartening to see our city closed for a private event. Our livelihood depends on tourism and this weekend was a huge setback,” said another user. 

While many were angered by the disruption, not everyone was critical of the Ambani’s. Some defended the family, pointing out that the local authorities were responsible for granting permission to close down significant areas of Portofino. “The beauty of Portofino must be shared with everyone, not just those who can afford to rent it. Disappointed that access was limited to locals and tourists, we weren’t even allowed to get close,” wrote one user, highlighting the broader issue of accessibility and privilege. 

The Ambani pre-wedding event has reignited the debate over the balance between hosting private luxury events and maintaining public access to cultural and natural landmarks. While the Ambani’s are known for their grand celebrations, the closure of Portofino Bay has highlighted the impact such events can have on local communities and the importance of considering these effects.