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When TVA Group, Flipkart’s Creative Agency Made Everyone Go WOW




When TVA Group, Flipkart's Creative Agency Made Everyone Go WOW

In a marketplace where noise often drowns out the signal, Flipkarts recent “Wow Exchange” campaign during the Big Billion Days (BBD) sale has emerged as a case study in how to effectively marry marketing ingenuity with solid business strategy. TVA Group masterfully crafted & executed the “Wow Exchange” campaign, which was not just a spectacle of CGI marvel, but a classic demonstration of identifying a business problem and addressing it with a laser-focused marketing solution. This campaign shines as an exemplar of how Flipkart, Indias homegrown e-commerce leader, has cracked a tough market conundrum to unlock new growth avenues.

Avik Ghosh, Sr. Brand Manager at TVA Group

The Challenge at Hand: Transforming the Smart Phone Exchange Landscape

Before the campaign, 80% of smart phone exchanges occurred offline, with the online segment dominated by a single player owned by a major competitor of Flipkart. Flipkart faced the intricate challenge of convincing consumers that it wasnt just an alternative but the premier destination for exchange deals. The objective was to establish unequivocally that Flipkart’s BBD exchange prices were unbeatable – a value proposition that customers could not ignore.

Strategic Communications: Beyond Awareness to Believability

The dual goal of the “Wow Exchange” campaign was ambitious: achieving Top-Of-Mind Awareness (TOMA) while also nurturing consumer consideration through believability. To penetrate the market, the campaign needed to not only capture attention but also convert skepticism into conviction. The Single Minded Proposition of this campaign – #PaisoKiBaarish; was to establish that Flipkart Smart Phone Net Effective Prices are so good that it literally feels like Flipkart is gifting you money.

The Flipkart Wow Price campaign took a unique turn with the introduction of the Flipkart truck, showering money that was a hyper realistic Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). The captivating sequence began at the Gateway of India, where a truck was seen for the first time, accompanied by a subtle door opening and a cascade of notes. The excitement escalated at Marine Drive, Asiatic Library, CST Station, and Flora Fountain, with doors fully open and a flurry of notes creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

The CGI truck spotting strategy proved to be a clever and attention-grabbing marketing tactic.

The campaign gained momentum on Twitter and meme pages, with the hashtag #PAISOKIBAARISH becoming a trending topic. Meme pages played a crucial role in amplifying the virility of the campaign. Notable influencers and celebrities, including The Great Khali, RJ Karishma, Saurabh Ghadge, Karan Sonawane, Faisu, and, Saurabh Ghadge contributed to the campaigns success.

The campaigns overall performance speaks volumes:

Impressions: 160M+

ROI: 36x

Earned Media Value (EMV): 20Cr+

Additionally, the creation of an AR filter engaged over 900 micro-influencers simultaneously, dominating Instagrams explore pages and reinforcing the WOW DEAL campaigns top results.

In Conclusion: A Layered Success

The “Wow Exchange” campaign serves as a blueprint for others in the industry. Its a testament to the power of a well-thought-out marketing strategy that transcends aesthetics and gets to the heart of consumer needs and business objectives.

As Flipkart continues to innovate and lead, the “Wow Exchange” campaign will be looked back upon as a pivotal moment when the brand did more than just market a product – it changed a conversation and, quite possibly, the market itself.

Avik Ghosh, Sr. Brand Manager at TVA Group

When this rather interesting brief came from Flipkart we were both excited & a little challenged as we had to solve for both TOMA & Consideration with the same campaign idea. By building intrigue through CGI & then revealing through some hilariously funny celebrity influencer content, we were able to do both.”

To view the Campaign, click on the link :

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