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ItsCredible and PW SKills Forge a Dynamic Partnership for Digital Credentials





ItsCredible, a pioneering leader in digital credentialing solutions, proudly announces an exciting new partnership with PW Skills, one of the biggest ed-tech giants of India that provides 360 degree solutions from learning to internship to finding a job. PW Skills has selected ItsCredible as its exclusive digital credentialing partner to enhance the educational experience and empower its students with cutting-edge technology.

Left to Right:Mr. Mukesh Sharma, Founder and CEO, ItsCredible with Mr. Sudhanshu, CEO PW Skills and Mr. Vishwa Mohan, CIO Physics Wallah Pvt. Ltd.

ItsCredible is thrilled to on-board PW Skills as its esteemed customer which would help PW Skills enhance its LMS solution, making it an advanced end-to-end solution. The association has happened in the form of an API integration which holds the capacity to empower PW Skills to automate the generation, issuance and delivery of state-of-the-art certificates.

The tie-up brings a synergy between the emerging yet dominant online learning space, ever-evolving job market and the growing need to upskill. The integration of ItsCredibles API offers a seamless and secure platform for PW Skills to bulk issueinstantly-verifiable” certificates, providing learners with the utmost confidence in their achievements. Furthermore, the platform ensures that these new-age certificates are tamper-proof and cannot be altered, setting a new standard for credibility and trust for PW Skills in the realm of education. Moreover, ItsCredible’s digital certificates would assist PW Skills in boosting their brand visibility and would promote their programs and courses through ItsCredible’s advanced nature of the certificates and social media integration.

It is with immense pleasure that we announce our collaboration with PW Skills,” said Mr. Mukesh Sharma, Founder & CEO of ItsCredible. “As a Startup India-registered company, ItsCredible is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations with innovative digital credentialing solutions. With this partnership, learners at PW Skills will have access to instantly verifiable and shareable digital badges, a testament to their hard work and dedication. Together, we pave the way for a future where achievements are recognized with unwavering trust and transparency, driving the ambitions of countless learners to new heights.”

Mr. Sudhanshu Kumar, CEO of PW Skills, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating, “At PW Skills, we are pioneers in adopting cutting-edge technology and are committed to nurturing talent and preparing our learners for a bright future. Our association with ItsCredible aligns perfectly with our mission, allowing us to provide our students with globally recognized verifiable credentials that hold immense value in the competitive world of academia.”

This strategic alliance presents a golden opportunity for PW Skills to stay ahead of the curve,” highlights Mr. Vishwa Mohan, CIO of Physics Wallah Pvt. Ltd.ItsCredibles platform provides seamless integration with our existing systems, making the credentialing process efficient and user-friendly. Learners can now share their certificates on social media with a single click, showcasing their achievements to a wider audience. With the support of ItsCredibles cutting-edge technology, we are confident that PW Skills will continue to thrive as a leader in ed-tech and digital upskilling solutions.

About ItsCredible

ItsCredible is a leading provider of innovative digital credentialing solutions that empower organizations to create, issue, notify and manage verifiable and shareable digital certificates and badges. ItsCredible ensures the utmost credibility and integrity of credentials, creating a future where achievements are recognized and valued with trust and transparency.

About PW Skills

PW Skills is the skilling vertical of Physics Wallah (PW), India’s leading ed-tech platform. It has emerged as the largest online platform for teaching tech skills to an impressive 1.5 lakh learners, offering courses in Hindi, English, and Hinglish. With a mission to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of professionals with new-age relevant tech skills, PW Skills offers hybrid courses in data science, full-stack web development, Java, C++ and other tech courses at disruptive pricing for INR 3,500 onwards.

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