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Building trust in a changing world order



Most Trusted BFSI Brands

The 2nd Edition of the Most Trusted BFSI Brands 2023 honed in on brands radically transforming the manner in which financial services are embedded in our daily lives

The seismic shifts that have rocked industries across the world have not left the BFSI sector untouched. Now, with customer expectations higher than ever, the role of trust has become a paramount differentiator, driving value and growth like never before. Trusted BFSI brands have garnered loyalty and a positive reputation by consistently delivering on their promises, prioritising customer needs, and upholding ethical practices while ensuring transparency, reliability, and safety.

Scripting sustained successes

With the traditional norms of industry no longer enough to ensure sustained future success, organisations must embrace new age-models to deliver innovative and progressive customer experiences that reinforce trust and build advocacy. This is essential, as consumers are now spoilt for choice, with a plethora of banking and financial service providers entering the arena. Hence, it’s also important for organisations to come up with products and services that are more custom curated to stay competitive and build consumer trust.

In this milieu, an elite cross-section of brands have shown the way forward by demonstrating thoughtful ways to build and nurture trust, and it has profoundly impacted their ability to ensure sustained success in an ever-changing marketplace. These are the Most Trusted BFSI Brands 2023, who were recognised in an exclusive ceremony that celebrated their successes.

The 2nd Edition of this research-driven initiative showcased brands representing a new paradigm of trust and excellence, with the galaxy of brands being recognised zeroed in on after a rigorous industry-wide consumer study conducted by LeadCap Ventures. The survey saw brands appraised on the following parameters:

  • Relative Importance
  • Perceived Popularity
  • Quality & Consistency
  • Uniqueness
  • Value Delivered
  • Brand Affinity
  • Innovation
  • Privacy
  • Affluence
  • Advocacy

Those recognised as Most Trusted BFSI Brands 2023 included:

Offering his thoughts, Sharad Gupta, Co-Founder, Team Marksmen Network, said, “If brands are built over time, trust is the cornerstone on which their success stands. In an industry built on financial transactions and personal security, trust is not just a nice-to-have; it is an absolute necessity. This is not easy to do; it needs a commitment to transparency, ethicality, safety, and excellence. Those recognised as Most Trusted BFSI Brands 2023 prioritised building long-term relationships with customers by putting their needs first, safeguarding their financial interests, and maintaining the highest standards of integrity. For them, trust is not just a buzzword; it is the currency that fuels their growth, and which has rightly earned them a place in this elite pantheon.

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