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Life Skills Collaborative Hosts India Life Skills Summit on Collaborative Action for Life Skills




Dr. K. Kasturirangan, Chairperson, NEP Drafting Committee, keynote speaker, highlighted that life skills are imperative to develop social and emotional capabilities in students.

The Life Skills Collaborative (LSC) hosted the India Life Skills Summit 2022 on ‘Collaborative Action for Life Skills‘ in New Delhi. The Summit was convened to deliberate on mainstreaming of life skills for the Indian public education system. Over 30 young people, 50+ teachers, and life skills experts took part in the Summit which provided a convening platform for various stakeholders in the life skills space.

Arjun Bahadur welcoming the participants at the event

The event brought together 150+ stakeholders, including young people, teachers, government leaders, members of nonprofits, and life skills experts. Over 40 organisations were represented at the event, with YuWaah as the Summit supporting partner. Dr. Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan, Chairperson, National Education Policy (NEP) Drafting Committee, addressed the Summit as the Keynote Speaker. He shared his invaluable insights on the NEP 2020. He emphasised that the aim of education is to develop good human beings, capable of rational thought & action, possessing compassion & empathy, demonstrating courage & resilience along with sound ethical morals and values. Dr. Kasturiangan underlined that these life skills must be cultivated in every child.

The Summit provided an opportunity for life skills practitioners to interact with leaders and disruptors in the space. The insights and recommendations from the event will play a key role in informing the action to further life skills.

Speaking about the India Life Skills Summit, Arjun Bahadur, Lead, Life Skills Collaborative, discussed, “The India Life Skills Summit 2022 is about discussing ideas and building pathways to bring the focus on educating the young people of India. By bringing together various stakeholders and partners through this platform, we aim to highlight the growing action by the government on life skills.”

The Summit provided key insights to the youth on how to build pathways to mainstream life skills education beyond classrooms. A tailored workshop aimed at empowering India’s young people by enhancing their strengths through life skills was also conducted. It was a unique opportunity for the youth of India to interact with leaders and disruptors in the life skills space.

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The Life Skills Collaborative (LSC) is a collaborative of organisations backed by multi-sectoral expertise, focused on championing life skills for Indias young people to thrive, through an extensive on-ground outreach program. Life Skills – or social-emotional skills – are guiding principles that help us navigate through life, especially in adversity. These are essential for Indias youth to grow, thrive and succeed.


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