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Daily Feed Records 50 Million Professional Networking Conversations in the Last 90 Days



The platform enables professional networking among the rising workforce through several algorithms and technology tools

While professional networking was always restricted to the white-collar job market, it has now become a mainstream activity for the rising workforce to grow in their careers. – Indias leading jobs and professional networking platform, witnessed a sizable rise in professional networking among the rising workforce and such conversations touched a whopping 50 million in Quarter 3, 2022 (July, August, and September), on its platform.

In October this year, around 14 million professional connections were made on the platform. We also recorded 13 million plus professional conversations during the last month. Apna also recorded a feed traffic of around 2 millionin the past month.

The platform supported above 5 million community users in the previous quarter (Q2).

Out of 26 million users on, 80 percent have been utilising Apna’s professional networking. 40 per cent of these users are from Tier II and beyond. Cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata and Lucknow saw a surge in users building their professional networks and engaging with their peers. It is also noteworthy that around 40 per cent of creators on the platform prefer languages other than English. In fact, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Bengali were the most preferred languages on Apna’s platform apart from English.

Women are also unlocking their potential through professional networking. According to’s recent data shows that at the beginning of November, more than5 lakh women are using Apna’s platform to create professional content. Every 1 in 5posts is in fact created by women on the platform. Maximum networking by women has taken place in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkata.

Apna facilitates professional networking through various advanced tech algorithms and tools, which in turn, has enabled an extensive and diverse discovery of professionals working in similar fields. Post-COVID, community engagement has emerged more prominently as a significant communication channel, as it allows people to share their opinions and views on a common platform. It has helped people in standing together for each other, while being a part of a larger group, thereby fostering a sense of belonging and oneness.

Speaking on how networking and fostering professional relationships has become so crucial in today’s world, Mr. Karthik Manivannan, COO, Communities, commented, “Todays workforce strongly advocates professional networking to grow in their career journeys, upskill themselves and learn from their peers in the industry and Apna’s recent data is a testimony to this. We are highly encouraged seeing the recent numbers and will continue building and evolving our platform for the workforce to support our users in their careers.”

In order to provide its users with more chances for hyperlocal employment, Apna is currently trying to expand even further into the country in the upcoming months. With more than 26 million users and 300,000+ employer partners, the platform is accessible in 70+ Indian cities.

About Apna

Founded in 2019, is India’s largest jobs and professional networking platform dedicated to helping India’s rising workforce to unlock unique professional networking, and skilling opportunities. Having secured more than $190 million from marquee investors such as Tiger Global, Owl Ventures, Insight Partners, Lightspeed India, Sequoia Capital India, Maverick Ventures, GSV Ventures, Greenoaks Capital and Apna is on a mission to enable livelihoods for billions in India. With more than 26 million users in 70-plus cities and counting and more than 300,000 employers that trust the platform, India has a new destination to discover relevant opportunities.

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