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Exquisite Luxury: Top 5 Properties Driven by Range International Properties Investment




The rapidly expanding Dubai market has been a magnet for many. It makes up a significant part of the United Arab Emirates economy, which is the fifth largest in the Middle East, with a GDP of US$501 billion (AED1.84 trillion) in 2022. And with new policies introduced by the UAE government, the market here has witnessed tremendous growth across all sectors, in the last few years.

Mr. Nitin Chopra, Founder & CEO, Range International Property Investment

One such sector is real estate, which in Dubai has been experiencing a boom. People from around the world have invested in real estate in Dubai, attracted by the diversity and superior quality of the offerings. Developers here have constructed properties that cater to a range of lifestyles and budgets. And with leading realtors now accepting digital coins, many investors are buying prime Dubai real estate by paying in cryptocurrencies.

Answering to this demand is Range International Properties Investment, an award-winning real-estate brokerage firm based out of Dubai. Range focuses on selling, leasing and managing residential and commercial properties, primarily in the United Arab Emirates but also in territories across the world. With the best of luxury in its portfolio, the team at Range is driven by the goal of bringing office buildings, apartments and residences to their international clients. Range boasts a strong presence in the United Arab Emirates, India, and in parts of Asia, and continues to expand its operations into other continents and countries.

But, what properties should you focus on in the high-performing real-estate market that is Dubai Here are the top 5 luxurious properties:

1. Palm Beach Towers: A blend of style and luxury, this property promises you views of sand, sea and palm trees, and your days soundtracked by the waves. Palm Beach also offers you a balm for both mind and body. It’s stunning on the outside and serene inside. To top it all, you have access to a private beach, boat jetty, an outdoor infinity pool, and a waterfront park and promenade. Seclusion and luxury are guaranteed.

Palm Beach Towers

2. Safa One: This is the latest (and possibly the last) word in luxury. This is also a place that offers that rarest of combinations – incomparable luxury and nature in all her tropical abundance. Walking into Safa One is like entering another world altogether, boasting as the property does a nature-themed lobby, gardens of brilliant green all the way up both towers, and a rooftop rainforest. Plus, it has all the amenities you could possibly wish for -,and then some more.

Safa One

3. Atlantis, The Royal Resort & Residences: Proof that fantasy can really become reality. Atlantis is what emerges when you give free rein to your imagination. This property gives you the chance to lounge next to the rooftop infinity pool and behold the skyline, preferably at sunset, as the lights come on. Behold the views of sea and sky on one side, and the ambition and glitter of Dubai on the other. With space and light in perfect harmony, Atlantis is the true embodiment of luxury.

Atlantis, The Royal Resort & Residences

4. Address Residences – The Bay: The island life you were dreaming of is closer at hand than you think. Besides, location doesn’t come any more prime than this beachfront address. Boasting penthouses, townhouses and branded apartments, the aesthetically stunning Address Residences is an ‘address‘ that epitomises luxury. And all the markers of 5-star living are within easy reach, including gourmet dining, leisure and retail options, and access to your very own private beach.

Address Residences – The Bay

5. Safa Two: If you thought that Safa One is another level of luxury, prepare yourself to be amazed again. Safa Two is the stuff that dreams are made of – beyond what you expected or imagined, and something you’ll remember for a long, long time. This opulent property was built so as to mirror a cut diamond. But that’s not all. It has a fog forest, observatory, edge walk and glass slide, besides a fantastic variety of cafes and restaurants, and amenities taken to the next level.

Safa Two

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