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CHOSEN Launches Fish Collagen TOR Beaut for Increasing Skin Hydration and Reducing Skin Wrinkles





Post launch holds the widest range of oral collagen supplements in India

Offers 3 marine collagen offerings in 5 natural flavours

Chennai based skin care retail outlet CHOSEN has recently launched its collagen powder – Fish collagen TOR Beaut, made from research grade Japanese Nitta collagen in the market. The fish-based collagen TOR Beaut comes power packed with the additional benefit of increasing skin hydration and reducing skin wrinkles, in addition to improving skin clarity. Post this launch, CHOSEN is proud to announce it now holds the widest range of oral collagen supplements in India.

Research grade fish collagen to increase skin hydration and reduce skin wrinkles

CHOSEN now has 3 marine collagen offerings in 5 flavours-Natural Pineapple, Natural Lemon, Natural Pomegranate, Natural Butterscotch and Nature Identical Chocolate. To know more about Collagen and its flavours, click here

The Oral collagen supplementation has been firmly established as the next gen anti-aging food supplement, thanks to many research articles in the last decade. The CHOSEN store has been a pioneer in the field of collagen supplements by offering a wide range of options for consumers to choose from. From farmed collagen to wild caught white fish collagen, the collagen offerings at CHOSEN have been based on research grade brands like Verisol F in the past and currently on several grades of Peptan F.

Having multiple sources of collagen from different fish grades provides more complementarity and helps our research. This further improves our results as we specifically ensure we include the proven research and international brand collagen offerings in our portfolio for the benefit of our Indian customers,” said Punitha Vijayakrishnan, Head of Marketing Operations at CHOSEN.

The feedback that customers shared about CHOSEN’s collagen was the taste and the lack of the distinctive smell of fish. We want people to look forward to adding healthy ingredients to their regular diet for enhanced skin benefits and not consume collagen like they would take say, their regular medicines. With a specific focus on taste, our offering includes choices of regular and low sugar for anyone who would use collagen for better aging,” she added.

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