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Fyre Festival – The Future Of Influencer Marketing!




There was a time when only celebrities enjoyed the spotlight. A lot has changed now. If you ask anybody, they would say they bought a product or visited a place because an influencer did the same. There are different levels of influencers like macro, micro, and nano influencers!

The concept of influencer marketing has grown a lot. Thanks to social media! Fyre Festival is an example of how influencers can help drive awareness on a big scale. Though the event does not deliver its promises, there are several pointers to learn from this marketing strategy. 

What is this festival about?

The festival was advertised as one of the luxurious and exclusive music festivals in the Bahamas. But unfortunately, due to poor management, it soon turned out to be a catastrophe. However, the influencer marketing campaign was a complete success. The influencer campaign started with supermodels to create the vision of an uber luxury experience for an entire lifetime. 

What is the impact of engaging influencers?

Fyre festivals influencer campaign had spread like wildfire. So let us look at the impact of the Fyre Festival. 

1. The campaign proved worthy for the right investors. A coordinated move helped promote the brand or the products to generate the best results. It is said that the team reached over 30 million impressions in just 24 hours. 

2. The right audience was targetted, mostly millennials with the capacity to spend. That means only the influencer being good is not enough. Targeting the right set of audiences is equally important for a better reach. 

3. The event helped boost sales and eventually led to conversions. 

Things to remember before starting an influencer campaign

Though influencer marketing can be very effective, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you can reach your target audience and promote the brand or the product. No one solution can fit all brands. 

Select influencers who can fit naturally with your brand

See if the influencer would use your product in their day-to-day life. If you can select the right influencer, it will be easy to target the right set of audiences. Do not mistake selecting a group of influencers because of their huge following. You might lose credibility among the followers in that way.  

Select influencers who have the right kind of followers

Before choosing the influencer, ensure they have the right audience following them. If those fans fit your target audience, you can reach the target market better. 

Manage the campaign well

With so many influencers around, it might be difficult to choose the best. In case you are going in-house to choose influencers and don’t have the platform to helo you, the task can be even more challenging. 

Common challenges

It takes a lot of time to research and finds the best influencers. Most of the time, we are unsure of how the influencer performed previously. It is also difficult to calculate the average engagement rate across various posts. 


Several influencer marketing tools can help you select the right influencers. You will have to be a step closer to running a campaign. You must monitor and measure if you have enough creativity and proper management skills. It should not take you long before the campaign is all set.