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Vipin Sahu’s Successful Landing



Alia Bhatt recreates the viral ‘land kara de’ video in the hilarious ad; netizens hail Vipin Sahu.

Alia Bhatt has featured a new ad with an unlikely “co-actor” in Vipin Kumar. Many would remember him as a reality TV contestant and vlogger who rose to fame as “Land kara de” after one of his paragliding videos went viral on social media a few years ago. In the advertisement for a brand of chocolate, Vipin recreates the famous video but with Alia as the instructor this time, who seems to have a solution for her nerves.

The original video, released in 2019, had Vipin scared and nervous during a paragliding session somewhere in the hills. His reactions and lines, especially the phrase “land kara de (please land me),” became a viral sensation and meme material.

In the new video shared by Vipin on his Instagram, he can be seen paragliding while filming a video with a selfie stick. He repeats the same lines he said in his original video, which went viral in 2019. He says in Hindi: “It’s foggy all around. I was crazy to come here. At this point, viewers see that Alia Bhatt is the instructor for this ride. Vipin continues, “I do not need to take a long drive. Bhai 500 zyada le le per land kara de (Take 500 rupees more but let me land, please). Alia pulls out a Perk chocolate bar and hands it to her. A nonchalant Vipin is then seen eating the chocolate bar.