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Researchers have developed the world’s whitest paint, which could minimise the demand for air conditioning



Purdue University researchers have developed an ultra-white paint that is supposed to reduce, if not completely eliminate, the demand for air conditioning. Xiulin Ruan, a mechanical engineering professor at Purdue University, and his students invented the white paint. Intending to conserve energy and combat climate change,the project took seven years to complete,

How does the white paint help?

The paint produced reflects 98.1% of solar energy while also emitting infrared heat. It absorbs less heat from the sun than it emits, allowing a surface to fall below the ambient temperature without expending any energy. According to Purdue University researchers, this paint might provide a cooling power of 10 kilowatts when utilised to cover a roof surface of roughly 1,000 square feet which is better than and more powerful than most air conditioners used in houses. 

How it’s better than other white paint

Heat-reflecting paints only reflect about 80% to 90% of the sunlight and are unable to keep surfaces cooler than their surroundings. 

Why is it so white?

Barium sulphate, a chemical found in photo paper and cosmetics, was used by the researchers. Because the paint is so reflective, it turned out to be completely white.

Future plans

The researchers have teamed up with a business to mass-produce this white paint. There is a significant commitment to making this paint commercially available, which could result in a reduction in the need for air conditioning.

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