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3 Pillars of an Effective Cyber Intelligence Strategy



Over the last year, cybersecurity has become a huge issue for businesses. Hackers and ransomware assaults are wreaking havoc on organisations of all types, from small to huge. 

Employees have resorted to attempting to resolve security issues and maintain their work equipment on their own. Hackers will be able to take advantage of cybersecurity flaws as a result of this. As cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity, attackers have had an easier time disappearing with funds. You’ll be able to minimise the damage to your company if you have the correct cyber intelligence strategy in place. 

Staff/partner engagement 

Information gathered by corporations on cybersecurity threats, attempts, and successful assaults is known as cyber threat intelligence. Malware, ransomware attacks, insider exploits, espionage, hacktivism, cybercrime, and other new risks are all part of this category. The majority of attacks rely on social engineering to take advantage of human behaviour. Hackers aim to get past software defences by breaking into people’s computers, which is known as cybercrime.

Phishing emails and phoney customer care calls are examples of cyber attacks. The most important thing here is to make sure that anybody with access to your company’s computer systems has been extensively trained in spotting, recording, escalating, and neutralising cybersecurity risks. This can be accomplished by providing workers with training and tests, as well as a complete manual outlining what to do in any case. 

Collect and analyze data

A seemingly innocuous aberration could be the precursor to a large-scale attack in which your business is held for ransom. It might be as simple as an employee checking and then deleting a questionable email and attachment. To ensure that you’re covering all of your bases, your employees’ manuals and training should require them to report any irregularities they detect.

When choosing a cybersecurity vendor, conduct your research. Make sure the vendor can assist you in recovering from any damages, such as those caused by ransomware. Cybercriminals have advanced to the point where they can conceal their identities and stolen assets. CNC Intelligence has developed tools to accurately identify the criminal scheme’s beneficial owners and find recoverable assets.

Collaborate with other industry players

When battling a threat, cybersecurity specialists who share strategies will be able to draw on a communal knowledge pool as needed, enhancing their chances of success. As evidenced by “malware supermarkets” and instructions on black hat forums, criminals collaborate as well. Being an active participant in these forums is critical because it effectively multiplies your chances of becoming aware of an emerging threat or assault pattern before it reaches your doorstep. 

Consider leading the charge to create one if your organisation is in an industry or location where there aren’t any active cyber intelligence exchange forums. Engage with representatives from other companies and agree on parameters for information sharing that will benefit everyone without jeopardising private information. The benefits to all participants will make the effort worthwhile.

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