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How to stand up for yourself without starting a fight



Ignorance is bliss

There will be people who are always in the attack mode but, you should remain patient. Remember the old saying: an Elephant ignores the barking Dogs, knowing its strength and moving comfortably towards its goal.

Listen first

Always listen first without reacting even though you are dead sure. After listening, rather than becoming emotional, take a breath and calmly explain your perspective to them, without using any offensive words.

Be deliberate 

Don’t avoid to speak-out if something is bothering you. Find a calm way to make people understand your feelings, remember if you ignore speaking for the right cause, it can affect your mental health. You should never let anything or anyone overcome your personal space and peace.

Perfection starts with pretending

Sometimes if there is no cause, pretending can be the start. Try this even if you don’t want to smile: Close your eyes and smile for 20 seconds, and you will automatically feel good because your brain starts searching for happiness in your memories the moment you start smiling. So, trick your mind, you can do whatever you want. Tricks like this can help you mentally to bring positivity to your life.

Be patient

The most important thing is to keep your mind calm in almost every situation. It helps you to remain patient because, with a calm mind, you increase the brains’ grasping power more and, by that, you can think more clearly and widely. You may also find another angle towards the problem that no one was able to figure out.

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