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83% of engineers want to switch jobs amid pandemic: BridgeLabz Survey



A survey by one of India’s largest incubation labs, BridgeLabz, has revealed that most of the engineers want to switch jobs amid the ongoing pandemic. Furthermore, they need to get upskilled but contrary to the requirement, many are still learning from free sources, even though the jobs are not guaranteed.

The survey conducted with over 1000 people was based on the theme ‘Another year of lockdown; how has the professional growth of engineers been affected in the past 1.5 years during the pandemic?’ It found out that about 83% of engineers in India are looking for a change of job and only 21% are enrolled in any kind of structured course for upskilling.

As per the survey, about 58% of the respondents were fresh graduates and are still looking for a job. More than 50% of respondents feel work-from-home post-pandemic has not affected their professional development. However, about 75% of the respondents did not receive any promotion or appraisal amid the pandemic.

Speaking on the findings, Mr. Narayan Mahadevan, Founder of BridgeLabz said, “Maximum number of engineers want to switch jobs but they clearly need upskilling through a structured program that delivers what it promises – A development job!. The current workforce of engineers is not suitable for present-day tech-based jobs, a reason for more engineers looking for a job after completing graduation. At BridgeLabz, we are trying to find the gaps with such surveys and understand the aspirations of both the engineers and the companies. We want to enable them for the jobs in demand.”

As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc, BridgeLabz is focused on providing experienced
engineers and fresh graduates with employment opportunities through their 100% Job guarantee Fellowship program in the technology sector. Since there are a rising number of job openings in technology, the company would create more awareness about the need for upskilling through an outcome guaranteed program – one that delivers on its promise of a development job.

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