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Reasi Terror Attack: Survivor recount moment bus plunged into gorge 



Reasi Terror Attack: Survivor recount moment bus plunged into gorge

Eyewitness and survivor of the Reasi terror attack said, “The first bullet hit the driver, and then the bus fell into the gorge.”

“We were all praying and chanting when suddenly gunfire erupted. The bus swerved uncontrollably, and we were thrown around inside before it fell into the gorge,” recounted an injured pilgrim. In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on a pilgrims’ bus in Reasi district, Jammu and Kashmir, survivors have shared their traumatic experiences.

The bus, heading to the Shiv Khori cave temple, came under terrorist fire, causing it to veer off the road and plunge into a gorge. The attack resulted in nine deaths and 33 injuries.

Another survivor remembered, “There was confusion and panic everywhere. People were screaming, trying to find their loved ones amid the chaos. It’s a miracle that some of us are still alive.”

The rescue operation involved residents, police, army, and paramilitary forces, who rushed to the scene to assist the victims. Many injured pilgrims expressed gratitude for the swift response of the rescue teams and the support from the local community.

This tragic incident highlights the ongoing security challenges in the region, even in areas previously considered relatively safe. Authorities continue to investigate the attack and provide aid to the victims and their families.