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Paul And Mike Chocolate Reinforces Its Commitment to Sustainability on World Environment Day



Paul And Mike Chocolate Reinforces Its Commitment to Sustainability on World Environment Day

As the world unites to celebrate World Environment Day, Paul And Mike Chocolate, the luxe Indian chocolate brand renowned for its exquisite offerings, proudly reaffirms its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Named after two legendary cocoa farmers from Latin America, Paul And Mike are not just purveyors of high-quality chocolates but also champions of eco-friendly practices and sustainable living.

Paul And Mike’s Stirring goal to become Carbon Negative underscores their dedication to environmental stewardship. This initiative begins with their conscientious approach to sourcing cocoa. Their farms in Kochi and Coimbatore are paragons of sustainable agriculture, employing eco-friendly cultivation and fermentation techniques. Moreover, Paul And Mike Chocolate actively supports and collaborates with farmers in Idukki, Kerala; Pollachi, Tamil Nadu; and the West Godavari region in Andhra Pradesh. By offering these farmers more than the standard market rates, Paul And Mike incentivize adherence to stringent standards for cocoa bean harvesting and fermentation.

“Our ‘farm to bar’ model ensures control of the quality of our cocoa and chocolate production,” says Vikas Temani, CEO of Paul And Mike. “This model not only reduces transportation needs but also supports sustainable farming practices such as drip irrigation, fertigation, and mulching. These methods enhance product quality while minimizing our environmental footprint. Our commitment to sustainability and responsible production is unwavering.”

The journey of Paul And Mike Chocolates from farm to bar is not just a story but an experience open to all. Their chocolate factory, located a mere kilometer from their Kochi farm, invites visitors to partake in farm-to-bar tours. These tours offer a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the meticulous process of chocolate cultivation and crafting, reinforcing the brand’s dedication to transparency and sustainability.

In a further testament to their environmental commitment, Paul And Mike are actively reducing plastic usage in their packaging. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to lower their environmental impact, ensuring that every bite of their chocolate is as responsibly produced as it is delicious.

This World Environment Day, Paul And Mike invite you to join them in celebrating and advocating for a greener, more sustainable future. Together, we can savor the sweetness of high-quality chocolate while nurturing the planet we call home.