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Kofluence names Sreeram Reddy Vanga as CEO



Past: General Partner, Hustle Partners

Present: Chief Executive Officer, Kofluence

Kofluence, a disruptive AI-led influence platform empowering both brands and social media users to harness social influence has announced the appointment of Sreeram Reddy Vanga, the co-founder of Kofluence as the company’s chief executive officer (CEO).

Sreeram’s wealth of industry knowledge and proven track record will be instrumental in his new role. As a co-founder, Sreeram has been crucial in Kofluence’s rapid growth and development, spearheading various efforts such as fundraising, securing key resources and partnerships to fuel the company’s growth journey.

Sreeram has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 20 years and has built and sold CozyGames to Entain PLC in the UK and OpenPlay to Nazara in India. Sreeram was also part of the early founding team of PartyGaming. Sreeram brings in his experience of building large-scale organizations throughout his career and believes strongly in the creator economy and its potential to deliver exceptional results for brands.

Drawing from his expertise, Sreeram will steer the company forward, forging new partnerships, expanding global reach, and implementing innovative strategies.