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Welspun continues to design the coveted towels for the 2023 Wimbledon Championships



Welspun continues to design the coveted towels for the 2023 Wimbledon Championships

Mumbai, July 04, 2023 – For the 2023 Wimbledon event, Welspun India Ltd (WIL), a renowned global leader in Home Textiles, has designed and manufactured the highly coveted Championship Towels. Welspun’s association with Wimbledon traces back to 2006 when the company acquired Christy, a renowned British towel brand.

Drawing on Wimbledon’s avant-garde approach to colour, Welspun has created a line with a range of blooms this year. Consistent with the tournament vision, colour conversation transcends gender. Welspun India aimed to create products that appeal to everyone, irrespective of the orientations that they identify with. The design team has meticulously designed classic and seasonal towels for all players.

The seasonal towel selection process included the traditional blues, terracotta, and greens. After much deliberation, this year, the colour of our fashion version selected by the club is a vibrant shade of pink known as “High Energy Pink.” This colour reflects the tournament’s commitment to embracing uplifting and energising tones. The pink towel exudes confidence and captures attention, ensuring players stand out. Designed to look visually striking from a distance, this towel complements the vibrant green tennis courts and engages viewers through their screens.

The towels will not only stand out in terms of the colours and the statements but they are aligned with the company’s focus to move towards a sustainable tomorrow. All towels are Oeko-Tex Made and Green Certified.

Ms Dipali Goenka, MD & CEO of Welspun India Ltd, commented on the ongoing partnership, “We are excited to continue our collaboration with Wimbledon and unveil the design inspiration behind the 2023 Championships Towel,” expressed Dipali Goenka. “Our design team invested their creative energy in crafting towels that encapsulate the essence of Wimbledon’s esteemed tournament. This step aligns with the vision of ‘Make in India’ to showcase excellence and innovation on a global level of the Indian textile industry. In the coming weeks, we look forward to witnessing the towels make a bold statement on the courts and beyond. “

This year’s Green Range of products are:

  • Championships Towel (Classic) 70 x 133 cm 500gsm Hygro cotton
  • Championships Towel (Fashion – Pink) 70 x 133 cm 500gsm Hygro cotton
  • Face bundles – both in Classic Green and Purple combo and in the new Pinks
  • Guest Towels – in Classic Green, Classic Purple, and the new Pinks: Fuchsia and Rose

About Welspun India

Welspun India Ltd (WIL), part of the $2.3 Bn Welspun Group, is a global leader in Home textiles. With a distribution network in more than 50 countries and world-class manufacturing facilities in India, Welspun is a strategic partnership with top global retailers. By adapting to agile and flexible work structure, embracing efficient working capital management and expanding their current market segments, Welspun endeavors to create value for their stakeholders at each step. Welspun India has chosen to adopt a holistic ESG approach with an aim to propel well-being of all their stakeholders at each stage of their operations. The company aims to drive a powerful positive impact on the back of a strategic map to advance systematically on the path of sustainable development.

WIL is driven by its differentiation strategy based on Branding, Innovation and Sustainability