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AI and 5G: The powerful combination




The pace of innovation and technology in today’s world is relentless. It has transformed the way people connect, discover, and share information. Digital innovation is a need that is being catered well, smartphones have evolved immensely in the last few decades; both in design and functionality. We also continue to contribute towards improving user experience by incorporating the speed of digital exchange (i.e., 5G, fiber optic cable), which translates to sharing more information faster between people across any distance.

A few purposeful innovations which excite us would include:

More 5G-Enabled Connectivity and Functionality:

Much ahead of its nascent stage, 5G is rapidly gaining momentum and is anticipated to bring transformational impact in the world through several improvements in speed, accessibility, and dependability. One of the significant trends driving the wireless industry towards 5G technology is the proliferation of the demand for wireless broadband services globally. Indian consumers are incredibly excited about 5G and, even more critically, India is making massive investments to guarantee headways in the computerized environment and network advancements. While customers will buy from 5G’s availability, it is the IoT that will drive the core of 5G organizations for Telcos. Smart factories, Smart Cities, Smart homes, and many such use cases across industries are going to bring billions of devices & equipment onto the network, requiring an extremely reliable network. As cell towers are transitioned to 5G, connectivity will be available in untapped markets. With that, applications will evolve to deliver features that were previously impossible.[SC1] [PK2] 

AI and 5G: The powerful combination:

Today, 5G has emerged as AI’s biggest ally and is indeed changing the landscape of enterprise connectivity.  The fifth-generation network is designed to connect everything and promises high data speeds, low latency, unbelievable network capabilities, and exceptionally seamless experience user experience, which also enables the adoption of AI. The broad applicability of both technologies across various industries is set to revolutionize their operations.

The power of 5G comes at the price of complexity, a complexity that is best managed by AI:

  • AI orchestrates 5G servers in an operator network,
  • AI can optimally allocate the spectrum and optimize it for each device’s latency, bandwidth, and reliability;
  • AI can detect intrusion in a network

Therefore, 5G systems consume far more power than desired and achieve lower data rates than expected. However, replacing traditional wireless algorithms with deep learning AI will dramatically reduce power consumption and improve performance. This approach will be fundamentally more significant than focusing AI primarily on network management and scheduling.

The integration of AI with the 5G spectrum offers benefits beyond just enhancing network performance. It reduces costs, increases the lifespan of 5G-enabled devices, facilitates quick identification and responsiveness to security risks, and automates security processes, ultimately resulting in an enhanced user experience. This distinct combination allows businesses to increase efficiency and operate at a higher capacity, elevating their overall performance.

5G to act as a catalyst for Ad-tech:

The impact of 5G technology on AdTech’s growth will be noteworthy as it assures faster download speeds, lower latency, and enhanced network efficiency. These advancements will create new opportunities for AdTech companies to deliver innovative, targeted, and data-driven advertising solutions, resulting in a better user experience.

  • Enhanced user experience: 5G’s faster speeds and lower latency will allow for more seamless, real-time interaction between users and AdTech platforms, including more dynamic and interactive advertising content, such as augmented reality and virtual reality ads, ultimately giving users a better experience.
  • Extended connectivity: 5G will also increase the number of connected devices, including IoT devices, which will further create new opportunities for AdTech companies to deliver targeted advertising to these devices.

Virtual & Augmented Reality:

Even though AR/ VR technology has been around for a while, it’s popularity is expected to further increase this year. 5G is poised to revolutionize the way we experience and interact with virtual and augmented reality applications. Consumers will use VR/AR to test products. Manufacturers will need to find ways to make these memorable. This will mean high-quality pictures and more realistic experiences, as well as faster reactions to what users do. With 5G, people can use virtual and augmented reality anywhere, like in games, schools, hospitals, and a totally interesting shopping experience too.

Phygital Experiences & Personalisation:

Consumer expectations have evolved, the demand seamless and personalized experiences that integrate physical and digital touchpoints will continue to increase. To be well positioned to capitalize as new trends emerge and adoption grows, companies will embrace the notion of creating one consumer journey spanning both digital and physical realms.

COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for Phygital as companies had to pivot their strategies. The challenge was to accomplish tasks that had previously been completed in person, digitally. Fast forward to today, the digital world is omnipresent, and it’s essential for organizations to balance both by not overlooking the importance of physical interactions.

Hyper-personalized customer experience:

Domain experts in various fields such as healthcare, sociology, economics, politics, business, finance, and education will have the accessibility to leverage machine-curated data for delivering highly personalized experiences. This will enable the delivery of services and customer satisfaction at the district, community, and individual levels. Such technological advancements will be a game-changer in the years to come.

The future will be defined by approach to data and technology. The ability to create opportunities, tackle challenges, and build future-proof business models will hinge on our capacity to innovate with data.

 [SC1]Can we add something here on our 5G capability? With an opinion piece also some plug in?

 [PK2]No it would not meet the guidelines, cannot mention about the brand/product details.

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