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What are the key trends shaping the nature of work, the workforce, and the workplace?




Imagine walking into a contemporary workspace that brightens you up in every way when you walk in? That’s what they have attempted to create in their workplace. ORRA office is cosy, bright, cheerful, and very inviting. Their stores exude a sense of opulence and class befitting the quality of what they sell.
What does this say about the workplace they have created? Many things. For one, it says that they take their work very seriously. It also means that they value and take pride in what they create. More significantly, it also says that they have the people and the efforts that go into making their brand what it is today.
What has made their workplace worthy of being Most Preferred? It has taken a couple of things for them to get where they are:
• Their is a safe space: They believe in creating psychologically safe spaces where every employee has the ability and voice to be heard and validated. They have a very strong open-door policy that makes everyone equally approachable and available.

• Their is an agile space: The pandemic forced almost every company into being agile. They have built on the competence significantly and have committed to creating an agile workplace where they are constantly innovating and ensuring sustained performance standards.

• Their is an empathetic workspace: What has worked best in their favour is that even with the individual targets assigned to each store and person, a huge sense of collective spirit prevails. Their teams lobby and fight hard to support one another. What’s more, they even reach out to other stores and locations to pitch in.

• Their is a people-centred workspace: Trends come and go, but the one thing that will never change for a successful organisation is the focus and importance it places on its people. For them, every member of ORRA is a brand ambassador who personifies their brand value and promise. They ensure that the employee experience is consistently high across every location.
These are some of the governing trends that create distinctive benchmarks in the industry today. None of them is impossible to achieve, but it takes a dedicated focus to get there. They know that they have arrived!