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Key Ingredients That Have Underpinned The Brand’s Rise To Prominence By Simpolo Ceramics




What are the key ingredients that have underpinned the brand’s rise to prominence?

customer’s perception is an incredibly important part of the equation for creating a successful company/Brand. Do our customers think of our brand as modern, eco-friendly, customer-centric? Or maybe they don’t find your brand particularly trustworthy. We therefore must create a brand with positive qualities and traits.

Honesty and trustworthiness.

Presenting a brand that’s honest and trustworthy can make it easier to gain and retain our customers.

Be transparent

If you want trust, you must be honest. Transparency will show your customers your honesty. Recent research has found that millennials are less trusting of others than any other generation

Be willing to answer questions

There are more ways than ever for your customers to contact your company. And they will.

Answering customer questions is two-fold: your answers should be honest, and your employees should be trained in what those answers are. “I don’t know the answer,” isn’t an excuse your customers want to hear. Be transparent when answering questions and your customers will quickly come to trust you. And you’ll quickly see the benefits from that trust.

Open the doors

Creating a trustworthy brand means opening the doors and letting the customer in. Allow your customer to be part of your process. If you produce a product, let your customer in to see the process.

Show your human side

Do you want your customer to trust your brand? Show them your human side. Instead of thinking of your business as a faceless entity, think of the humans who work there and those who interact with the brand. Show your human side

Tell stories

There’s no better way to show your company’s human side than to tell stories. Find the stories within your company that make you happy or sad and tell those stories to your customers. Or find the stories of how your company or product has affected your customers. Tell those stories. Stories make your brand more human and relatable, and therefore more trustworthy.

Build relationships with customers

It’s also important when building an honest and trustworthy brand that you build a relationship with your customers. If you build a personal relationship with your customers, they’re more likely to be interested in your product.

Image Source: Simpolo Ceramics

Create brand attributes

Part of discovering your brand attributes is also defining a brand tone. Every communication you have with your customers should display your brand attributes and tone.

Create an ultimate customer persona

If your brand is new, you have a little more wiggle room when it comes to defining your brand attributes. You still must be authentic with your customers, but it’s possible to define and live up to certain brand attributes as a new brand. Brand attributes can include a wide range of things from where you advertise, to the tone you use to communicate with customers, to what social media channels you use.

Listen to feedback

Do your customers post feedback on your social media or help page? You should listen.

The quickest way to earn trust from customers is to ask for feedback and then strive to fix the problem presented in the feedback.

Include testimonials

If you want your customer to trust your brand, show them what other customers are saying about your brand. Display great customer reviews on your product, website, and social media.

Deliver on promises

If you promise something to your customers, deliver. Even better, deliver more than you promise.


Creating a brand that’s trustworthy and honest isn’t easy when you’re a new or established brand.

But don’t make the mistake to think that your product or service is more important than creating a trustworthy brand