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 The 3 Tenets Of Success By Voltas




The 3 Tenets Of Success, In The Words Of Deba Ghoshal, Vice President, & Head Of Marketing, Voltas Ltd.

What are the 3 things brands must get right to be top-of-mind for consumers today?

 “For us, the brand promise needs to be relevant to the business context, without compromising on consumer expectations. Post Covid -19, it has become more important to be sharp yet meaningful in your brand propositions. Hence the three important things which are critical to be top-of-mind of consumers, are related to value proposition.

1 Value Understanding: Does your brand understand what the consumers expect from the category, and have you leveraged that insight. For example the Voltas All Weather AC emerged from the simple insight that consumers want more from an AC, besides cooling.

2 Value Creation: Are you able to create that value in your product offering, for which you can charge a premium to satisfy the need, yet offer long term savings. Again the Voltas Maha Adjustable AC, is a great example of how by using multiple tonnage options within the same AC, the user can optimize the running cost. 

3 Value Delivery: Are you able to deliver the right proposition, quickly and effectively. Yes, that’s possible. The latest Voltas Pure Air AC is a great example of satisfying the health and purification needs of the customer, by quickly developing India’s first AC with a HEPA Filter, which addresses the consumer need, meaningfully.

And lastly, are these promises delivered to the customer in the marketplace, seamlessly, with a great pre-sales, sales and post-sales experience. All leading brands, ensure effective implementation of their promises, to remain relevant and top-of-mind”    

Deba Ghoshal
(Vice President, & Head Of Marketing, Voltas Ltd.)