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The “Unicorn Couple” Of India Plans To Launch n IPO In A Year Or So!



unicorn couple

The couple is the first in the country to build billion-dollar startups by themselves separately. Well, the good news is the couple is looking forward to debuting one of those firms to the public markets very soon, by the end of this year.

Of business is one of their startups. It basically deals in the supply of raw materials starting from steel to chemicals and more. This startup business was co-founded by Ruchi Kalra and her husband, Ashish Mohapatra.

According to the press release, it was informed by Ruchi that the initial public offering (IPO) for Offbusiness could come up anytime in the upcoming six months. The other startup firm by the couple is a digital lending startup named “Oxyzo .” This one could bring in shares within two years’ time.

Both the companies are ready to be in the public market. However, what matters now is the right time or opportunity to do so. In the upcoming six years to a period of 2 years, both of these companies will grow and be ready for new heights. In fact, they will be in the public market very soon.

Kalra was 38, and Mohapatra was 41 when they met each other while still working for McKinsey & Co. This was quite some time before they built OfBusiness in the year 2016. There were many others who were a part of this initiative. After one year, they started Oxyzo. The company uses technology to provide services and financing to various businesses. It helps all the small struggling business people to get working capital. So the company is basically a financing company that helps small business owners. As per the founders, they have a number of offices and separate teams in each place. All of the offices are running pretty well and are generating a good amount of revenue.

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