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Flamingo: The Support You Can Always Rely On!




Flamingos USP’s

Flamingos are known cover a large distance during their yearly migration, and Flamingo, being one of India’s leading consumer healthcare brand, has a vision of making the length and breadth of India and the World, Pain Free. Brand Flamingo offers quality pain management solutions across different categories (i.e.) Orthopaedic Soft Goods, Healthcare, Mobility, Wound-care and Personal Protection. In pursuant of its vision, Flamingo products, both preventive and post-operative are available at affordable prices to consumers, at large. Brand Flamingo is household name in India and its range of products are available in 50+ countries of the world.

Flamingos are protective in nature and thrive in groups. Staying true to this unique nature brand Flamingo offers consistent support and care (both physically and psychologically) across its range of innovative products. The indigenous development of India’s first electric Heat Belt (the flagship product) took the market by storm with its key features of consistency in heat, flexibility to control the temperature and applicability across joint pains. This garnered not only trust and acceptance from the customers but also gave confidence to introduce Cold Therapy, Compression Supports and Personal Protection range of products. Our proof about Consistency in our Offerings comes by virtue of the repeat orders from our customers as well as the fact that even after three decades of operation, Flamingo Heat Belt is the still first choice of customers.

The efficacy of brand Flamingo lies in its innate ability of offering mobility to customers in their every-day life. This empowers the aspirations and offer customers the confidence to partake in their every-day jobs without hassle.

Did you Know

  1. Heat Belt was the first product manufactured and marketed under the brand name Flamingo.
  2. Hrithik Roshan, Bollywood superstar is Flamingo’s Brand Ambassador for  3 (years) in a row
  3. Flamingo is recommended by 2 Lakh+ chemists and 13,000+ medical practitioners in India
  4. Flamingo caters into 5 (five) different categories with more than 350 products
  5. Flamingo provides support, relief and enables 1 out of every 10 Indian to progress and fulfil their everyday endeavours.   

    From the Founder’s Desk

Flamingo started its journey in 1991 with the manufacturing and marketing of Heat Belt. Three decades later Flamingo has grown to be the umbrella brand of 350+ products and has been awarded as the Best Brand in Healthcare space followed by one of India’s Most Trusted Brand. This journey has been spectacular but it’s only half done. With change in taste of the consumers and prevalence of sedentary lifestyle, the emergence of new age pains has become common. Flamingo being an expert in offering pain management solutions is well poised to support the requirement of new age millennials thus staying true to its vision of Pain Free India and World.

Rajiv Mistry

Founder & Managing Director