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China’s aim for clean energy targets gains momentum




To meet climate targets, China, which is already a world leader in renewable energy generation, plans to “vigorously” expand its solar and wind power plants. According to a report released in May by the International Energy Agency, China is at the center of global demand and supply for renewables, accounting for about 40% of global capacity development for several years. 

Due to a rush to finish projects before government subsidies expired, China’s participation increased to 50% for the first-time last year. According to the National Energy Administration, China will have 281.5 GW of wind power capacity and 253.4 GW of solar generation capacity by the end of 2020. In December, Xi stated that China would expand non-fossil fuels’ share of primary energy consumption to 25% by 2030, as well as grow total installed wind and solar capacity to 1,200GW. 

China’s goal, according to Chinese premier Xi, is to reach peak carbon emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. Since then, various provinces have suggested including the construction of clean energy bases in their social and economic development plans through 2025, totalling over 400GW of installed capacity. 

According to BJX News=, 19 of China’s 31 provinces and regions have proposed the construction of such bases, totalling 41 with a total installed capacity of 10GW. 

The 100GW clean energy projects President Xi mentioned are scattered around the country, Yang Fuqiang, a research fellow at Peking University’s Research Institute for Energy, pointed out. “China is committed to increasing installed wind and solar capacity to 1,200GW by 2030, and the industry expects the capacity to be as much as 1,500 to 1,800GW”, said Yang. 

People in China believe that a big part of the newly added renewable power projects should be rooftop solar panels or wind energy distribution in eastern China, with its large urban centres and factories where much of the energy is consumed. This Chinese model is one that will be of much interest to those all over the world, especially India with its plentiful opportunities for solar energy. As the world looks to wean itself off non-renewable energy sources, clean energy will increasingly grab centerstage in industry and consumer thoughts.