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This engineer helps you trade your waste for a pizza and more!



Hardik Shah, an Ahmedabad resident, is a qualified instrumentation and control engineer who, after many years of working in the Information Technology (IT) industry, chose to start his own business. Hardik founded his cleantech company, Innovate Green Technologies Private Limited in 2017. Customers can use their waste to purchase recycled goods here.

He was motivated to develop a method that would allow individuals to quantify global warming and use it to address problems. The ultimate purpose of forming this cleantech firm is to prioritize environmental protection.

Hardik states, “My objective is to reintroduce the circular economy”

Sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling existing resources and products are all part of the production and consumption model that typifies the circular economy. In reality, this means eliminating waste to an absolute minimum. The goal is to achieve zero-waste cities. 

Reduce Your Living Expenses by Selling Waste

His team’s app, which links consumers, waste collection partners, product delivery partners, recyclers, zero-waste product manufacturers, merchants, craftsmen, and manufacturing brands, is currently accessible on Google Play. It enables users to sell their trash and purchase recycled goods through the marketplace. Their platform, which began with recycled products in 2017, now includes over 80 suppliers and over 5,000 active subscribers.

Green is a subsidiary of Innovate Green Technologies Private Limited. Sub subscribers can build a credit base by selling their waste and utilizing the credit to buy a product at a later period. They can also choose to donate the money available in their wallet towards any corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity.

Understanding Environmental Saving Values (ESV)

Hardik Kaul, co-founder of Eco.Recycle.Green, an Ahmedabad-based waste collection business, claims to have saved 279.56 trees, 56,490 kg of CO2, 37,59,645 litres of water pollution, and 54,356 square meters of land pollution. More than 100 tonnes of rubbish have been diverted from landfills as a result of the company’s efforts.