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Corporates and India’s youth: a symbiotic relationship



Corporations have a big say in how today’s youth will grow up. Young professionals need not only adequate capabilities but also the proper mix of skills and experience to succeed in a world of rapid change, dynamic business environments, and growing demand for innovation, distinctiveness, and emerging technology. They’re also helping to shape a new culture based on their personal experiences, distinctive ideas, objectives, and job expectations.

Driving An Inclusive Culture

Understanding generational differences will require an organization’s ability to encourage inclusion for this group. It will go a long way if they work in an environment that is inviting, tolerant, and encouraging of their individuality. Employee resource groups can help you achieve your strategic goals. Fiserv’s YoPro (Young Professionals’ Resource Group) aims to create a welcoming and collaborative workplace.

Develop Emerging Leaders

Fiserv’s ‘Technology Analyst Program’ (TAP) is a program that recruits new talent from the country’s top engineering schools. Its goal is to improve the IT talent pipeline and create a more flexible and diverse workforce. Platforms for collaborating with disparate groups to solve problems, exchange ideas, and build novel solutions, in my opinion, function quite well.

Flexibility to Learn. Grow. Explore.

Fresh talent learns business subtleties best with hands-on experience where they can apply their range of skills and expertise to shifting demands, therefore job shadowing and mentoring are critical. Future generations will require even greater communication, teamwork, critical thinking, agility, flexibility, and program management skills. Individuals in a talent-focused business will be assisted in discovering methods to improve their abilities and gain the information required to take on expanded responsibilities or new roles.

Engaging Workplace Experiences

The workplace experience provided to colleagues throughout their careers may be the single most critical factor in keeping young professionals interested. Work-life balance, holistic wellbeing, community contributions, empathy, strong culture and values, growth, and learning opportunities have all taken center stage in employee expectations. Platforms that encourage the exchange of ideas, crowdsourcing, and hackathons to solve company and client problems, as well as innovative programs and guided innovation journeys, are all important tools for increasing productivity and engagement.

For these young professionals to reach their full potential, organizations and leaders must work together to develop a culture of collaboration and inspiration. Young and brilliant professionals enter the industry with a desire to study, become financially self-sufficient, and acquire expertise. Passion, knowledge, and youth will be the driving forces.

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