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Turning Idols Into Toys for Underprivileged Kids



Lord Ganesha figurines were fashioned with great devotion from clay and painted with natural dyes in the past, and were usually displayed in homes during Ganesh Chaturthi. They are now manufactured using Plaster of Paris (POP) and thermocol, and they are painted with synthetic colours. The negative effects of such elements are well-known. However, a lack of relevant channels leaves many people impotent when it comes to environmentally responsible religious activities. 

Eco-conscious submersion

Tripti Gaikwad, a Nashik based advocate, now runs the Sampurnam Seva Foundation. By turning idols and photo frames into toys for underprivileged children, she is giving divine joy an entirely new meaning. Until now, over 20,000 holy objects have been repurposed into toys for slum children and feeding bowls for stray animals.

Speaking to a media outlet, she said, “I realized that if I help people recycle these things, amazing results might be borne.” She approached a man who was throwing them into the river and explained that the paper could be recycled and the wood could be framed.

With the help of her father, she began contacting individuals via social media, asking them to send in any sculptures or photo frames they wanted to get rid of. For each item given for recycling, Sampurnam charges a small cost of Rs 50. This includes freight prices as well as other procedural costs.

POP is used to manufacture a variety of toys after the sculptures are broken down into powder form. The timber frames are transported to recycling facilities with which we have agreements. We upcycle a few huge frames into birdhouses. This POP may also be used to make feeding bowls for stray dogs when mixed with a little cement.

After the sculptures are broken down into powder form, POP is utilized to make a variety of toys. We transport the timber frames to recycling companies with which we have contracts. We turned a couple of large frames into birdhouses by upcycling them. When mixed with a little cement, this POP can be used to construct feeding bowls for stray dogs.