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Facebook will launch its first smart glasses with Ray-Ban: Here’s what we know



In collaboration with the Essilor Luxottica group, Facebook will debut its first pair of smart glasses from Ray-Ban. During the company’s quarterly results investor call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg verified the news. The glasses will have Ray Ban’s “iconic form” element, according to Zuckerberg, and will allow users to “perform some very neat things.”

Zuckerberg has revealed that the business is working on smart glasses for its Oculus Rift virtual reality device. “Virtual reality will be a social platform,” according to Zuckerberg, and most of the popular apps on it are social. The release date for the smart glasses has yet to be determined by the firm.

What is Project Aria from Facebook?

Facebook’s Project Aria is its research project on wearable AR for the future, which was announced in September 2020. The company wants to build smart glasses that are “flexible enough to work for most face shapes and sizes,” with software that will support them. It also admitted that this will require a “foundational shift in computing technology”, to create this kind of AR-driven glasses.

Facebook is working on smart glasses that will add a “3D layer of helpful, contextually relevant, and meaningful information on top of the actual environment,” according to the company. The device might assist users in navigating a city, taking images, finding their keys, and even making a phone call. Facebook hasn’t said when the glasses will be available to the general public.

Facebook’s experiment with Ray-Ban spectacles that can add augmented reality components to real-world scenes is an interesting one, but we don’t know yet if the glasses will be basic smart glasses or more complex in nature. It’s also worth noting that Snap, Snapchat’s parent firm, is also testing its AR glasses. The future looks clearly bright.