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Why Tide’s new detergent for NASA is a big deal




Life in space is not easy, but imagine the possibilities: sipping a cuppa of chai on Mars, looking towards the Earth as a distant speck in the sky, and telling stories of our lives to our children or maybe their children.

But why is Tide so excited to go to space?

Although, our astronauts have developed some creative ways to make their life easy in space. But, there is still a big question mark when it comes to cleaning their dirty clothes. They just dump it in space. But we cannot do this if we were living on Mars.

Now, this is where Tide comes into the picture. Proctor & Gamble (Tide’s manufacturer) has signed a deal with NASA to make special detergent that will be used in space.

What makes this detergent special?

Traditional detergents that we use in our daily lives make the water toxic and non-recyclable after use. So, Tide has developed a biodegradable detergent, which could decay and vanish naturally over time.

It will be up for testing this December and, if it succeeds, it will be beneficial to everyone as it will be another big step towards sustainability.

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