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Flying cars: Ready to take off



At the Geneva Auto Show, a PAL-V, a Dutch-made mash-up of car and helicopter, made its debut. So far, the company claims to have received roughly 70 orders around the world. It may arrive in America the following year. “We’re going to make flying automobiles a reality” said the company’s spokesman in North America. However, the business will not say how much it will cost or when it will be available.

It costs $400,000 to $600,000 to buy a gyrocopter-powered car that can transform from a car to a plane. If you buy one, you’ll need gyroscope training and a pilot’s licence. To get airborne, the automobiles will require runways, although extremely small runways of roughly 300 feet.

The Nexus from Bell Helicopters is designed to take off and land in the heart of a city. Boeing and Airbus have both test-flown ones. “You may be driving across town to see your grandchild, and they could be two hours away on the ground,” Bell says in the pilot.

According to the company behind the concept, the Nexus might be flying by 2025. A helicopter that can fly vertically like a helicopter and horizontally like an aircraft is a concept. When it’s time to land, the blades of the Nexus tilt back and the Nexus lands. Existing satellite-based technology, according to Thacker, is sophisticated enough to keep flying taxis and flying cars from others.

The rooftop of a Miami condo building in the works proclaims that it is ready to accommodate flying cars. “It’s unavoidable”, says developer Dan Kodsi, “that we’ll start seeing this Jetsons-style lifestyle”. He claims he would be “totally” comfortable riding in a flying car with his wife, daughter, son, or grandmother. However, he claims that the technology isn’t currently at the point where you’d feel comfortable putting your family on it.

Miami, Florida, is the world’s first city to have its own “Skyport,” a location where flying cars may take off and land. When people find out their building has a skyport,’ says Kodsi Schlesinger, owner of the Miami Skydome, he’s not sure they’ll take it seriously.

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