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November 10th – ‘Indian Brand Day’ – Proudly Initiated by BIRTH MARQUE





Few business enterprises have withstood the test of time. Even fewer have prospered long enough to be known as truly global brands. What is a brand “A trademark, name, or other designator of quality, value, or other distinguishing characteristic.” Brands are known to help you stand out in the minds of your audience. A Brand is a reflection of the way a company portrays itself, from the products they manufacture to the way they promote their products.

Indian Brand Day – BIRTH MARQUE

A company’s brand is very important because it lets customers know what they can expect from a product. A well-established brand is much easier to recognise because it allows consumers to associate certain attributes with a company.

A brand is the distinctive commercial reputation or trust that a specific business or organisation builds with its customers; it’s an intangible asset that generates trust and a return on the company’s investment in customer relationships.

Having a brand creates a companys persona and image, which is how the public perceives the company and its products. This includes how people look for a product to satisfy their needs and how the product is positioned for consumers. The more a company is known for its brand, the more likely people are to buy their products. Therefore, having a brand allows businesses to successfully differentiate themselves from competitors.

Most entrepreneurs believe that building a personal brand is more important than building a business. Also, it’s about building a culture. Yes. A true brand is defined not by its increased capital but by its increased reach with people; it has an emotional connection with them.

Branding helps establish your business identity in the minds of your customers; a brands establishment, however, is rare and takes time to develop. This “International Indian Brand Day” honours every Indian entrepreneur and CEO who initiated and fought tirelessly to establish such brands in and around the world. It’s a proud moment to celebrate the success of such vision-driven individuals. Any CEO or entrepreneur from India is entitled to celebrate this unique day in memory of such outstanding achievements. For instance, TATA, an inspiring Indian brand that has established its brand worldwide, is entitled to celebrate ‘Indian Brand day‘ in and around India, where they have shared branches.

One of Indias best Branding Companies, BIRTH MARQUE, is pleased to support you in building your brand on this glorious day, honouring the effort of creative, aspirational, enthusiastic, diligent, and aspiring Indian entrepreneurs who have set their footprints in the business world globally. BIRTH MARQUE is one of India’s best Digital MarketingCompanies. It’s more than just a name; it gives your brand a distinctive identity. The founder of BIRTH MARQUE, Mr. Shailendra Shivakumar is a diligent, customer-focused, exceptional problem-solver, accountable, devoted, trustworthy, and very understanding person, who constantly support ambitious entrepreneurs to win their races!

We work globally! We value our clients! We help you achieve your vision and mission! We create successful entrepreneurs by establishing their brand internationally!

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