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What are some of the non-negotiables when it comes to creating aspirational, preferred workplaces?





JMS Mining Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 45001:2018 Certified Company providing Mining services in State-of-Art Mass Production Continuous Mining (CM) Technology in Indian Underground Coal Mines having it headquarter in Kolkata.

Their vision is to create a World Class Mining Services Company partnering industry globally. They aim to create value for their stakeholders by providing effective solutions to the emerging Mining needs of their customers. With customers like Subsidiaries of Coal India Ltd. & Singareni Colliery Ltd. they have successfully established mass production technology pan India across Coalfields.


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The mining industry is known worldwide for its highly risky and hazardous working environment. Technological advancement in ore extraction techniques for proliferation of production levels has caused further concern for safety in this industry. Research so far in safety has revealed that the majority of incidents in hazardous industry take place because of human error, the control of which would enhance safety levels in working sites to a considerable extent.


  • They are extremely focused on adopting advance technology at workplace & they are fortunate enough to get professional employees to incorporate the same into their work. The scale and urgency of the task at hand is perhaps commensurate only with the potential gains are to be made.
  • The opportunity is compelling & the transformation are leading to better, safer work, higher paying jobs, and better quality of life. It enables the industry to reimagine work and create inclusive career pathways, specially bringing more women into the workforce, for example, thinking creatively about how the industry can support and work with mining communities in the skills revolution more broadly.
  • They are well equipped with accident prediction system, gives an outcome as an indicative risk score associated with the identified accident-prone situation, based upon which a suitable plan for mitigation has been developed (mining & non-mining employees both).


Every employee needs satisfaction to retain in the same organization and perform well for the organization. For the employee satisfaction organization need to provide effective welfare measures. As employee belongs to JMS MINING PVT. LTD, employees require development and increase the standard of living. Welfare measures will improve the physical and psychological health of employees, which in turn will enhance their efficiency and productivity. As the changes are going in day-to-day activity, welfare measures are to be according to the people. Welfare measures promote a loyalty among the employees. It improves the relations between employers and employees. Welfare measures may present social evils and ethical issues among the people to provide congenial environment


1. Canteen Facility:

Canteen is the place where the employees can have their refreshments during leisure time. In mines having a greater number of employees it will be treated as one of the important basic welfare measures.

 2. Shelter, Restroom and Lunchrooms:

Shelter, restroom and lunchrooms are to be provided to the workers so as to relax during their break or meals time. They can also wait in comfort till the time of their shift.

 3. Medical and First Aid Box:

Facilities to the employees who meet with the accidents while on duties or service are to be provided for both minor injuries and serious injuries.

 4. Cleanliness:

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Clean work environment influences the willingness of employees to work. During mining process cleanliness should also be maintained by painting and polishing of walls, ceiling, partitions, and staircases regularly.

5. Ventilation and Temperature:

In mines for securing and maintaining adequate ventilation for the circulation of fresh air. For the propulsion of the air from the room the natural ventilation or ventilator or by artificial means like electronic fans are used in every work room. Temperature shall be kept at a comfortable level at the workplace to prevent injurious to health of the workers.

6. Dust and Fumes:

In mines it is necessary to install appropriate dust and fumes controlling devices near the point of organization.

7. Lighting:

In mines sufficient lighting either natural or artificial or both is to be provided at the workplace, glazed windows, skylights used for lighting of the work rooms shall be kept clean inner and upper surfaces.

8. Drinking Water:

Water being a vital ingredient of living body. Clean and safe drinking water is to be provided and maintained at suitable places for all workers employed there in.

9. Washing Facilities:

The provision of suitable and adequate washing facilities in one of the requirements in mines to supply of hot water in individual undertakings. It is necessary to supply water, soaps, and clean towels in the mines.

10. Facilities for Sitting:

Proper and suitable arrangements shall be made for workers for sitting. Then the worker can work without any break and helps to contribute to his comfort and efficiency.


As per Coal Mines Regulation 2017, a strata control and monitoring plan (SCAMP) has been prepared based on scientific study considering the geotechnical data for a depillaring operation. SCAMP includes a support plan for all the natural structures created in underground mine. Therefore, an attempt is made to design the support system for depillaring with stowing based on available empirical approaches and numerical models using FLAC3D.


Strata control is a major concern during underground coal mining and needs special attention. Strata control related incidents like fall of roof and sides continued to remain the single largest cause of fatal accidents in underground coal mines. Between two stages of underground coal mining development and depillaring; major threat comes during depillaring operation when pillars are extracted.

They have addressed the proper safety issues and its management during depillaring is a great challenge for coal mining industry. This situation during depillaring obviously demands more and more sophisticated and advanced instrumental checking and monitoring of the strata control parameters. They are well equipped with proper planning, installation of reliable ground movement sensors with continuous data acquisition system, generation of adequate data, proper and timely analysis of data are the factors for success of strata control study programme during depillaring.


Today, it is no longer a secret that one of the most important parts of managing an organization and that an organization wants to be successful and competitive in competition with other organizations is to rely on integrated management methods. They have an Integrated Management System (IMS) addresses with three categories of safety, quality, and environment in the framework of international standards (environmental management) and safety management. The results showed that the control room unit with multiple hazards is in the priority to make safety corrections and reduce the risk related to the hazards identified in this unit.

                     #Training in State of Art Underground Mining Technology:

Their training and lifelong learning of mining industry professionals over the value chain of critical raw materials has been recognized pan India as a challenge for the development of a strong raw materials mining sector.


  • “JMS MINING PVT LTD” is the one of the recognized organizations in India who has undergone through several critical research and development which is related to the exploration, mining, and processing of minerals, industrial minerals, and metals. The concerned committee has attended presentations and received information from representatives of government programmes & industries.
  • Family & self-welfare has always been taken into considerations especially for employees.
  • Training & development programme has always been taken into a priority & certainly considered under the daily routine.
  • Time management programmes have always been taught (throughout).
  • Self/colleague’s safety training management is always a great learning from here.
  • Health & hygiene issues have always been a most prioritized subject while entering the workplace (Masks & Sanitizers are mandatory inside the work premises to ensure their basic safety).
  • Healthy foods are served for on-duty employees, to ensure better hygiene & health.
  • Employee’s Safety is the first & foremost concern.
  • Daily conveyances have always been treated seriously as this is the most challenging obstacles for the employees & the has been afflictions are taken care by JMS to ensure their employee’s safety.
  • Lastly & especially the gender equality {SOP) is the most important aspect of JMS MINING PVT. LTD which can’t be ignored, where the male & female employees are treated equally throughout the tenure.
  • Yearly increments are being ensured.
  • Cadre scheme-based promotion is in place.