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Tanla Platforms promotes a balanced and healthy lifestyle for all its employees




Are you seeing any other trends beyond the impact of the pandemic affecting the future of work and their workplaces? If so, what are they? 

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about challenges that were complicated but also those which were unknown. There was no How-To-Guide to deal with this pandemic. Especially when it came to the employers and employees. The HR teams had to figure out new ways to keep organizations up and running while supporting the employees’ mental and physical well-being. The role of an HR function has fundamentally changed in the wake of the pandemic and the world as they now know it, the expectations of both the employees and the employers will be seen to align very differently than how they used to.

Increased focus on employee well-being is something that will take center stage as they move towards the future of work and their workplaces. Tanla follows a ‘People’ first policy where they believe that happy & healthy employees make a happy & healthy workspace and that is exactly what they put in practice as well. This conviction and way of operating are rooted in the belief that a company can attain sustainable growth only by ensuring that its employees and those around them have a healthy lifestyle & environment to operate/work in. This people-first approach is what has helped us realize a workspace that is home to exceptional talent and houses an environment that promotes a balanced and healthy lifestyle for all its employees. 

Drawing again from the pandemic and how it impacted their workspaces, digital enablement is another key aspect that they see trending beyond the impact of the pandemic. There’s been an accelerated shift to workplaces and processes that are backed by the latest technologies and innovations. One of the major responsibilities of the HR function during the pandemic was to effectively enable processes that supported a completely remote working environment as employees started working from home. This is something that has paved the way for a workspace that is remotely scalable and flexible to accommodate quick changes and any to every type of working condition.

For instance, Tanla was quick to respond and adapt to this dependency on a digitally enabled, remote work-life by streamlining processes and workflows by reducing the number of designations from 235 to 104 and the number of department divisions from 78 to 44. Post which, the HRMS portal was introduced to become the one-stop solution for all employees – be it their documentation, performance management, leave management, L&D, or certifications. The HRMS aimed to transform colleague experiences by empowering them to communicate with ease of use.

This was essential to be introduced for improving employee engagement and is something that they continue to use, enhance, and keep building upon. Operational efficiency was another one of their priorities. And they ensured that any new implementation was done keeping in view employee readiness, manager readiness, and overall organizational readiness. The aim was to simplify and at the same time digitize the processes which would otherwise be laborious.

As they advance into the new ways of working, meaningful and timelyrewards & recognitions, have emerged as powerful tokens to boost employee morale and have also become considerable factors for holding employee interest and retaining talent. At Tanla, employees are empowered through the rewards and recognition platform called mPower to recognize their colleagues and peers who have shown exemplary skills right on the spot and keep track of who’s ahead in the game with an inbuilt leader board. This has not just been seen to improve individual motivation but also helped inter and intra – team bonding and instilling a collaborative spirit through peer-to-peer encouragement. Employees can also redeem their rewards points as gift cards with a wide range of in-store and online options to choose from.

Lastly, organizations will have to be very committed in their focus on employee learning and development with the clear intention of supporting employees in their endeavour to not only work towards the organization’s endeavour but also their personal growth. This not just is crucial for promoting skill diversity in the workplace but also for attracting talent. Tanla has recently announced the launch of ‘Tanla Academy’ an initiative to strengthen its always-on learning culture through tie-ups with some of the best Global Schools & expert networks to support and nurture meritorious employees for becoming the leaders of tomorrow and there has been a visible excitement for the programs in the eligible employees for the same. Strengthening our position as the home of exceptional talent, we are all set to create leaders of tomorrow. What is important here is to devise a program that is customizable and flexible for individual profiles and needs. Tanla Academy has tie-ups with top Global schools and Global expert networks along with hackathons, plug-and-play courses, coaching sessions, and much more. They have also tied up with Udemy, LinkedIn, and Courser to strengthen their learning culture and give their employees the time, space, and freedom to complete the training at their convenience.