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Oswaal Books: No 1 Choice Of 8 Million Students In Last 10 Years




Oswaal Books USP: 

Oswaal Books is making learning simple for the last 35 years for students and is currently Publishing 700+ Titles for CBSE, ICSE/ISC, State Boards & Competitive Exams

It is the No 1 Choice of 8 Million Students in last 10 years and Trusted by 3 Lakh Teachers, 50000 Schools, 13M Parents. Also, the brand is the most Recommended by Top Youtube Educators. Oswaal books had been the Bestseller Online & Offline, also they do business without any credit period given to booksellers, which is against the industry trend all because they are a pull brand (Demand-driven). They are available across India (16000+ books shops), 500 Districts

Trust quotient :

Oswaal Books always strive to give the latest and updated content and does lots of quality checks before they release any title. This even sometimes let their books delay a bit and they face some business loss because of being late entrants in the market, but the trust is built over time hence, most teachers and students wait for Oswaal Books to come up with the books. And they always surpass the closest competitor with huge margins.

Oswaal Books are committed to their students so that they shouldn’t get any wrong information/content as their future depends on the books and being in the industry of education, Oswaal Books as a company also do only legitimate things so that it comes in their DNA to provide the most accurate and updated content.  

Did you know: 

Oswaal Books is the only company which provide free specimens to teachers for the last 10 years. Also, they do not have Feet on Street/sales team. It is only the marketing team that is responsible for creating demand.

From Oswaal Books Desk:

The world is changing at a very rapid pace. Big defeating the small; it’s cliché now. Today, the fast is winning over the slow. In other words, it really doesn’t matter how good your power-point slide deck is, what really matters is how willing your organization is to embrace the changes & tap the opportunities at the right time. 

In this ever-changing society, the brands need to be innovative, proactive & leaning into the future to stay relevant. We at Oswaal Books are firm believers of this notion. 

The pandemic introduced us all to a phenomenon that now seems to be the way forward for learners, it is blended learning. In just a span of a year, we have witnessed rapid advancement in e-learning. Many researchers say that in no time e-learning will become mainstream. We identified this as an opportunity a long time back. Yes, 5 years ago we launched the e-versions of our books, introduced concept videos on our website and published all our books as hybrid editions. 

Everything that we do at Oswaal Books is centred around students & their learning. Through these experiments & innovations, we just aim to prepare learners across the country for the NEW way of learning!!