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NFTs Have Now Taken Up The Tollywood Industry




Non-fungible Tokens have now taken up with the world of art. The upcoming movie Radhe Shyam is set to deliver limited NFTs to enjoy the movie. However, only a few tokens would be launched to enjoy the chemistry on the big screen. Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are almost similar to the value of cryptocurrency, but they are not used as a currency. The owner of NFT has access to all the real-world arts, movies, graphics, and real estate.

I know most of you must be asking, why use NFTs when we have money to pay?

Well, NFTs have been proven to be an efficient medium of owning or Tokenizing the artworks and other different man-made parts of the real world. Both Cryptocurrency and NFTs are being popularly used to prevent the hassle of paying without security. While making big payments for real valuable assets, it is important to avoid fraudsters. Thus, Blockchain technology has made payment secure through the ownership of NFTs to access artwork.

Let’s get back to the movie now!

One of the famous actors of Tollywood, Prabhas Raju, who won the hearts of the Indian public in Bahubali, is ready to come back with his most awaited movie Radhe Shyam with the actress Puja Hedge. The two couples are ready to give an amazing performance in the upcoming South Indian movie Radhe Shyam. The two couples have never been together on the big screen before but are now all set to win the people’s hearts with their amazing chemistry, taken forward with an excellent storyline.

As per the different information gathered, it has been found that the NFTs owners can access exclusive contents of Prabhas and Pooja in the movie Radhe Shyam. Some of these exclusive contents include different 3D digital arts and pictures, along with unseen pictures of Prabhas with his digital autograph. The content also has revealed the scene from the movie where Prabhas is witnessed riding an expensive car. These exclusive contents from the movie are only available for limited fans owning NFTs.

This would, however, be a huge step for the entire Tollywood industry, as NFTs have never been part of any art from the South Indian Movie Industry. India opened up its marketplace of NFTs for Indian artists in June 2021. Among the well-known artists, Manish Malhotra and Amitabh Bachchan have also launched their content in NFTs. The artists worldwide are all gearing up to invest in NFT content, as one has the scope to earn billions from the platform. Among the artists worldwide, Beeple was the one who sold an NFT at USD 69 million in an auction of Christie’s. I guess you have now understood the hype for the new digital Blockchain technology. To wrap things up with the extra details on the movie, Amitabh Bachchan has lent his voice to dub the Hindi version of the movie. Moreover, the story’s main protagonist would be a palmist, which is being taken up by Prabhas Raju, beside the famous and beautiful actress Pooja Hedge. It has been directed by Radha Krishna Kumar and edited by Kotagiri Venkateshwar Rao. So, brace yourselves for a blockbuster premiere of Radhe Shyam on the 11th of March 2022.