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Sourav Sen, a multicultural leader and ambitious business manager



Having earned his engineering degree from NIT Durgapur, Sourav studied business management at IBMR Kolkata and completed MDP from the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad. He also did further specialization on International Management from IFL @Stockholm School of Economics.

Sourav believes in empathetic leadership and empowerment which has made him a leader with whom people can easily connect. He has held several senior positions in multinational companies before taking the current leadership position at Eirich, a family owned German company and the world leader in mixing and granulation technology. Sourav’s vast experience which comes from working with global companies and living internationally has helped him understand diverse global perspectives, customers and markets and build customer centric approach in all key business decisions. These guiding principles and his strong penchant for employee development, have helped him lead several businesses and organisations with superlative performances year after year.

Sourav believes in leading from the front and he demonstrated this trait time and again. It was important to start Eirich operations in Mumbai after almost two and half months’ of complete closure during the 1st phase of the lockdown last year. He guided the team to set the SOPs, liaison with the authorities to get approval and guidelines, started dedicated transport services for the employees while  restarting the operations. These decisions were exemplary given the fact that both life and livelihood were important and it was the need of the hour to resume the revenue cycle while taking utmost care of employees’ health and safety.

For his international stint based out of Shanghai during 2007-11, Sourav was leading a business transformation project for Asia Pacific markets. Having formally trained in change management, having worked with a diverse set of people cutting across nationalities, this role was instrumental in making Sourav a complete global leader.

Sourav’s global perspectives have made him believe in diversity at workforce, continuous development of employees through trainings and role changes. With almost three decades of experience, Sourav is an accomplished leader with multicultural background, empathetic approach, ethics and value driven decision making, who has always displayed true leadership in all facets of life. He believes in walking the talk.

Sourav takes every opportunity to share his learnings and perspectives at various leadership forums. We gather 6 pieces of inspiration for budding leaders and professionals.

  • Stay focused on your mission, look at the big picture
  • Strive for ambitious results, it’s inspiring
  • Take decisions, use mix of data and gut feel
  • Keep plan B ready for all critical tasks
  • Keep it simple
  • Finally, keep the fire in the belly burning, it helps cover the extra mile