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Future of electric vehicles in India



Grab your sunglasses, because the future is brighter than ever. The reason for our optimism?
Because the world’s most valuable electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, is now all set to launch its cars in India this year.
The launch of the tech giant is expected to boost the adoption of EVs in the country. This launch is also proof that there is a lot to gain via the widespread adoption of EVs. Plus, the Make in India program can aid the manufacturing of EVs and their components. Some reports show that this could increase the country’s GDP by 25 per cent over the coming years.
EV adoption campaigns
Some cities like Delhi, Kolkata, etc. aggressively promoted the use of e-rickshaws to lower operation and economical costs. There are reportedly over one lakh e-rickshaws on the streets of Delhi while Kolkata is also following suit. This development is encouraging a jump in EV sales for personal use as well.
The newly launched ‘Switch Delhi’ Campaign has seen a great response so far which is an encouraging sign for the EV industry. The campaign was introduced to promote the adoption of EVs. Owing to its success, some leading two-wheeler companies have stated that they will be launching new EV models in the nation’s capital.
The Transport Minister of Delhi announced that since the campaign was launched, there has been an increased registration of electric two-wheelers. The campaign is an eight-week awareness drive to promote the benefits of switching to EVs. The Switch Delhi campaign also aims at focusing on creating an outreach for electric three-wheelers while encouraging people to opt for this mode of public transport.
Battery swapping stations
The rise in demand for delivery services also creates a demand for increased run-time. As EVs take over the delivery system, there is a need for them to maintain speed. The battery charging process for an EV usually takes up to a couple of hours, which can be a problem if delivery personnel have to constantly wait for a charge to complete.
Therefore, some last-mile delivery companies have actively set up battery swapping stations to decrease the turnaround time. With these battery swapping stations; delivery personnel can swap a drained battery for a fully charged battery in a matter of a few minutes.
These battery swapping stations are catching on as awareness of their effectiveness spreads. It’s a solution that is being adopted by automobile companies to provide their customers with a short and convenient solution to their EV charging needs. The future looks to be clean and green, so prepare to be electrified.

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