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5 gadgets to look forward to in 2021



Technology is constantly improving, and today, we’ve compiled a list of 5 innovations that will change the game in their respective fields.

Glove light

Face masks have become mandatory worldwide, meaning we all have more face masks lying around than ever before. Glove light has designed an all-new product that can help your mask remain clean so that you can wear it each day without risking breathing in harmful bacteria or other contaminants. The glove light is a UVC carrying case for your mask that can quickly and easily destroy all harmful bacteria in a matter of minutes. This keeps your mask clean and sanitary with each use—allowing you to clean it between locations while running through your daily tasks, potentially saving lives.

According to the glove, most people tend to place their masks in their pocket, purse or even a zipper bag when they are not in use. They can lead to bacteria multiplying and making your mask far more dangerous than when you initially removed it. The glove light cuts down on this bacteria, cleaning your mask without having to put it in a washer. The glove light easily fits in your pocket or purse and can be recharged with a USB cable. Place your mask inside the glove light. Close the lid and let the UVC light disinfect your mask almost immediately.

Portable Washer

Having a washing machine in your home can be incredibly convenient. However, dirty clothes can pile up very quickly if you don’t wash them daily. The Mitch portable washer was designed to be a companion to your existing washer, expanding your capacity to wash clothes on laundry day. It is compact and can be stored on any shelf in your home. When you’re ready to use it, expand the washbasin and plug it in—all you need to do is add water, then your clothes, and pour your detergent. The washer will take care of the rest and even spin-dry your clothes. The compact design makes this a no-brainer for any home and can help you clean your clothes much quicker than using a standard washer alone.


With its minimal profile and borrowing the best from many worlds, the most inexpensive Sony FX3 is an optimised portable cinema camera. This full-frame camera has been designed for filmmakers and can record HD videos at 120fps for lengthy periods.

Compact, lightweight, and easily portable, It has heightened sensitivity and clarity and provides sockets for plugging in audio inputs. Additionally, there’s in-body photo

stabilisation and the sensor’s design incorporates a Fast Hybrid AF system for intelligent and quick focusing performance and subject tracking. 

The camera will work seamlessly with Sony’s yet-to-be-released Airspeak drone, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one.

Xiaomi Air charge:

In the early days, Xiaomi has shown off a demo of a product it’s planning to put on sale this year. It’s known as Mi Air Charge technology, and it uses a hundred and forty-four micro-antennae to switch strength to your telephone using a slender wave beam.

According to Xiaomi’s demo, you’d be capable of walking into a room, and your smartphone would begin charging, even if an object is in the way. Here’s to never running out of battery life again!

Superstrata Bike

Are you a carbon fiber fetishist, and enjoy cycling? Well, then you’re in luck. Superstata is a company that uses advanced carbon fibre composite materials and innovative 3D-printing manufacturing to create tailor-made bikes based on your dimensions, riding style, and preferences. They can create over 500,000 possible combinations.

There are two variations available: the standard Terra bike, and the Ion e-bike. The Ion has a smooth in-tube battery, takes two hours to charge, and lasts for up to fifty-five miles.

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